Vox Populi: To Approach and Meet

Duke Sir Brian, Formally His Majesty Brian of Gleann Abhann, brings his horse up to a gallop as he tilts against Viscount Sir Raphael the Rogue.

Jousting. From the Latin iuxtare: To approach, to meet.

These photos were taken at the Emprise of the Black Lion, the premiere equestrian event of the Kingdom of An Tir.

Based off of the traditions of mounted combat, Jousting transitioned into a formal sport during the 13th and 14th centuries, reaching it’s peak in England and Germany in the 16th century.

Within the SCA the number of jousters is small, but prestigious.  For those with the wherewithal and dedication, there is nothing more glorious than splintering your lance against a charging opponent!

(photo courtesy of Sir Morgan of Aberystwyth. Check out his amazing blog here)

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Nicklaß Volkhart, Baronial Chronicler.