Sleeveless in Seattle

Dear Loyally Luaithrend,

I love my fencing jerkin, but it’s uncomfortably hot this camping season! Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to wear it unbuttoned?

-Sleeveless in Seattle

Dear Sleeveless,

While my frail woman’s heart is set alight at the prospect of the display of so much manliness, I must remind you, Sir, that the ladies of the court are not accustomed to such. I would advise that you retreat to the shade of your Lady’s pavilion, there to enjoy the sweet comforts of wine, cheese, and her gentle company between fencing bouts. Not only will you preserve the decorum of the assembled gentles, you will also provide a noble example for other less honorable characters to follow.

Remember, gentlemen who fight rapier do not sweat (*shudder*)…they shine!