Quest – SCA Knowledge

Candidate must demonstrate knowledge of the SCA, the Kingdom, and the Branch in a round table or trivia setting.  


The candidate should be familiar with the history of:  

  • The SCA (founding and context, growth and size, SCA dates, interkingdom events)  
  • An Tir (founding, size, principalities, branches, current Crown and Heirs) 
  • Madrone (origin, size, structure, activities, current and previous Coronets) 
  • Sergeantry (founding and context, first sergeant of Madrone, duties and opportunities of sergeants) 

SCA Geography 

Should be able to place on a map: 

  • Major Kingdoms of the Known World 
  • Principalities and Western Region branches of An Tir 

Laws and Customs 

Must have reviewed and be able to discuss relevant point from: 

  • SCA Corpora 
  • An Tir Kingdom Law, Financial Policy, and Anti-Bullying and Harassment policy 
  • Baronial Customary and Baronial Financial Policy 

Meetings and Activities 

Must attend at least three of the below: 

  • Baronial Curia and/or Financial Committee Meeting 
  • Baronial Fight Practice, Social, Guild meeting, or Class 
  • Kingdom Curia and/or Financial Committee Meeting