Quest: Persona Development

Persona development and research allows members of the S.C.A. to see how their chosen persona would fit into the context of medieval life and culture. To demonstrate that they have taken time to research and develop a persona, Candidates will be asked to complete two items.

Persona Summary

Put together a written or verbal summary describing the culture, daily life, family connections and possessions of their persona.  Have fun with it – make it a story, if you’d like! Should include:

  • Basic biography: name, age, gender, occupation, class, marital status, family of origin
  • A day in the life
  • Financial means and how you support yourself
  • Religious beliefs
  • Location details – city, region, civil and religious leadership
  • Any other details of interest


Find a map locating your persona’s homeland in that general historical time frame, and indicate any travels undertaken.