Quest: Heraldry

Personal Arms and Display 

To demonstrate knowledge of heraldry, the candidate must select an appropriate historical name, create and blazon their own device, and submit said name and device for registration with the College of Heralds. Candidates must embellish and display their device on some personal item: banner, shield, garb, etc. Bonus points for understanding the difference between arms and a badge, and registering a badge! 

Resource: An Tir College of Heralds Site

Device Recognition 

Be able to identify the following, or know where to look up, the following arms upon request:  

  • Kingdom of An Tir, Principalities of the Summits and Tir Righ, Barony of Madrone, Canton of Porte de L’eau 
  • Kingdoms of the Known World, the Baronies of An Tir, and the Branches of the Western Region of An Tir 
  • The Sovereign and Consort of An Tir, Heirs of An Tir, Coronets of Madrone 
  • Be able to identify the Arms of a selection of the prominent peers of the Western Region of An Tir, as well as other members of the Sergeantry 

Field Heraldry 

Sergeants of Madrone must be willing to serve as field heralds or town crier when asked, and must demonstrate that by serving as field herald at a Baronial or Kingdom tourney.