Quest: Courtly Graces


Members of the Sergeantry must demonstrate a familiarity with the art of dance. The candidate must take a dance class and be able to participate in three types of period dance. Contact the Guild of Dance and work with the Dance Master to demonstrate dance competency in a practice or at an event. 

Bardic Arts 

A member of a medieval court will often be called upon to entertain the court, and sergeants are expected to demonstrate one of the bardic arts. These can include: 

  • Written story, poem, play, and song 
  • Spoken story and poem 
  • Musical performance via voice or instrument, solo or in an ensemble 
  • Dramatic performing art 
  • Dance performance (as contrasted with courtly dance, above) 

Candidate must choose from the following to be completed at a baronial event: 

  • write and submit two of the following: original story, poem or song 
  • write and perform an original story, poem, song, or dramatic piece 
  • perform from memory an existing, historical story, poem, song, dramatic piece, or dance 

No advantage will be given for the quality of the writing or performance, beyond that it must be in a required form and, if performance is desired, performed publicly at an event. 


Members of the Sergeantry must demonstrate an understanding of the games of their time period, or alternately of a 12th Century European Court. The candidate must be able to: 

  • Play chess 
  • Set up a chess board, identify the pieces and describe their moves. 
  • Show an understanding of the game while playing at least ten moves against the Games-master or judge appointed for this category. 
  • Name, describe, and play at least three other period games (board, dice, card, etc.)  
  • Teach one of those three games.