Quest: Chivalry, Courtesy, and Etiquette

Chivalry, Courtesy and Etiquette 

Members of the Sergeantry must display the traits of Chivalry, Courtesy and Etiquette. 

To demonstrate their knowledge of courtly ideals, candidates will be asked to choose one (or more) of the personal characteristics described by Andreas Cappellanus in The Art of Courtly Love, or knightly virtues from a different period source. Candidates will make a short address to the gentles of the court explaining the importance of said characteristic and how one might go about achieving it. 

Leadership, Excellence, and PLQs 

During the Quest period, your Coronets and other Peers of Madrone will facilitate one or more round table discussions on leadership, excellence, and PLQs. We ask that all sergeants and candidates actively participate in one or more of those round tables, and continue the dialogue amongst the Coronets, Sergeants, local Peers, and barony outside those focused round table discussions. Candidates must demonstrate these qualities to the best of their abilities during their Quest and as Sergeants of Madrone. 

Peerage and Forms of Address 

Candidates must demonstrate grace and deference by addressing the Peers of the Realm properly. Candidates should be able to identify regalia and forms of address for: 

Sovereign and Consort 
Crown Heirs 
Principality Coronets 
Knight or Master of Arms
Master of Defense 
Order of the Laurel
Order of the Pelican 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are cornerstone values for creating a welcoming SCA for all who would be part of our community. We ask that all Candidates take a DEI class of their choosing, in person or via video, within the SCA, at work, or in another training context. We recommend An Tir’s “See Something, Do Something – Bystander Intervention” or the “Inclusivity for Event Stewards” classes on the Terra Pomaria YouTube channel.  

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