Sergeantry: the Quest

We have defined an epic quest to prepare and qualify candidates for sergeantry, and we welcome all interested!

Candidates must declare their intent and submit a petition for sergeantry at a Madrone event. Upon acceptance, candidates will be given a personal Quest Book to track their progress.

The various elements of the quest are spelled out in the Quest Book (and also published as subsequent pages on this website). Progress through the quest is designed to be self-paced, and candidates have one year from the date of Declaration of Intent to complete all requirements required.

Requirements must be verified by an active or retired Madrone Sergeant, current or previous Madrone Coronets, or Madrone branch marshals (where appropriate).

When individual quest activities must be scheduled, Candidate must do so at least 30 days in advance. Group activities will be scheduled likewise. Candidates shall meet all scheduled commitments.

Candidates should strive to demonstrate peerlike qualities throughout their quest year (and sergeantry service), as they will be officially representing the Coronets of Madrone.

Candidates must be current members of the SCA. 

Start here: Candidate Intent