Sergeants of Madrone

What is Sergeantry?

Sergeantry is a training and mentoring program for those wanting to learn more about the SCA and engage with their community. Madrone’s sergeants are a highly capable, respected group of SCA fighters, artisans, and servants in service to the Coronets of Madrone.

There are various paths for sergeantry:

  • Sergeant: demonstrates armored combat prowess in tourney or war
  • Gallant: specializes in rapier or cut-and-thrust combat
  • Yeoman: skilled in missile target and combat arts – target archery, combat archery, target thrown weapons, combat thrown weapons, siege combat
  • Artisan: prowess in the arts and sciences
  • Steward: actively and effectively serves the branch and kingdom
  • Lancer: demonstrates excellence in the equestrian arts

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Why does An Tir have Sergeantry?

Sergeantry was originally created as a means for peerage candidates to demonstrate broad knowledge, skill, and courtly graces to a far-distant crown. That’s no longer necessary, but it still serves several purposes:

  • It is a training and mentoring program to help candidates find their path and people within the Barony and Kingdom
  • It is a cadre of proven, capable people that can assist the Coronets with all facets of baronial operations
  • It is a hard-earned rank that demonstrates broad skill and capability to the peerage orders

Duties of the Sergeantry 

Duties may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Be active in the barony and participate in your discipline in support of the Barony 
  • Act as baronial retinue or guard when needed
  • Assist with setup and teardown of baronial property and court and support events
  • Contribute to the sanity of the Coronets (a very important detail)
  • Assist in recruiting, testing, and training new Sergeants
  • Be a resource for those who seek to learn more about your areas of expertise 
  • Act in a manner that exemplifies the best of SCA ideals