Scribal Night

When: Second Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:30 pm 

Where: alternating locations in north and south Madrone

North location: Third Place Books Commons, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 98155. 

South location: check the Home page or Facebook group.

More information: Join Facebook group Madrone Scribes and Calligraphers. Or click to send email to Gallant Kate MacKim, the Scribal Arts Coordinator.

Examples of painted charters. Image courtesy of Adrianna the Fierce

What is Scribal Night? 

Join Gallant Kate MacKim, the Scribal Arts Coordinator and paint charters! Get together with Madrone’s scribes and interested folks and play with ink and paint on paper. Everyone from learners to experienced artists is welcome. Learn new skills or hone skills doing projects that help the Barony. 

All are welcome to attend and be artistically social! 

Award scrolls, letters of recognition, and charters are documents given to people by the Coronets of Madrone in appreciation for contributions to the ambiance and activities that we all enjoy. Beautiful documents are made by our artists and calligraphers. Anyone who is interested can come help to paint and enhance beautiful documents for our leaders to give in recognition. Also learn how these documents are created.

There will extra painting sets and tools for folks to try things out before they put together their own kit. While this is a Madrone activity, everyone should feel free to bring their own projects to work on: other branch charters, kingdom charters.