Picnic in the Park with Sven

Date: July 23
Location: Spiritridge Park, Bellevue, WA
Time: 11 am to 6 pm

See the event on the Kingdom Calendar.

This summer event is a traditional picnic and day of inventive games held by the Canton of Porte de l’Eau.

Bring your picnic blankets or chairs, picnic baskets, croquet sets and other games suitable for a park, for a day of fun and games with Sven (no, not that Sven!)

We’ll be featuring a pot luck for those who wish to participate, battle croquet, maybe battle kubb, and the Celtic stylings of Heilyn de Highwater and Gannon ap Heilyn.

Friends of Sven are Pd-alites, Porte de l’euvians, who live across the broad lake from central Madrone.

Site fee: NONE ($0)

Codex Manesse (ca.1300) by Rudiger Manesse and his son Johannes, Miniature, Folio 116v, University of Heidelberg, Library, Germany.