Viscountess Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e, known as Kerij-e

Term Expires: 1/2023

The chief administrator and legal representative of the Barony. Runs the monthly Business Meeting.

Contingency Deputy: HL Eden of Lionsguard

Waivers Deputy: HL Sarra the Brave



Mistress Etiennette de Montagne

Term Expires: 11/2022

Tracks the Baronial finances and creates an annual budget for the Barony. Receives and disburses Baronial funds.



Arts and Sciences

Baron Aeron Corrino

Term Expires: 6/21

Responsible for keeping track of activities in the arts and sciences within the Barony, including competitions and workshops.


HL Tabytha Morgan

Seeking a successor. Please contact the Seneschale to apply.

Newcomers Page


Welcomes newcomers, providing support and information.

Châtelaine Deputy for Gold Key

gold key icon

Lady Margaret Palmer


Baron Steven Desjardin

Seeking a successor. Please contact the Seneschale to apply.

Maintains, inventories and stores regalia and all Baronial equipment. Reports the inventory to Exchequer.


Lord Simon Fisc

Term expires 11/21

Baronial Herald’s Page


Coordinates heraldry activities, including registering
names and devices, and making announcements at tourneys, courts, and events.

Armored Combat Marshal

Lord Nicklaß Volkhart

Term Expires: 9/2022


Coordinates practices and safety for armored combat fighters. Checks equipment and organizes marshalling at events.


Rapier Marshal

Dona Temetgen de Worde

Term Expires: 6/2022


Coordinates practices and safety for rapier combatants. Checks equipment and organizes marshalling at events.


Lady Madelena Vieri

Term expires: 1/2022


Coordinates the creation and production of scrolls given by the Barony.


Social Mediator

Courtier Basilius Fuchs

Term expires 6/2022


Maintains social media channels for the Barony


Mu’allima Rowenna de Manning


Term expires 11/21


Maintains the Baronial Website


HL Mecia Raposa
Term Expires: 11/21

Publishes news and chronicles the happenings of the Barony

Youth Armored Combat Officer



Organizes Youth Armored Combat Activities.