Curia Minutes 2015-03




Barony of Madrone Curia

Minutes for

March 9, 2015






A.     B&B Welcome (9/16) (Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Baroness Emmelina de             Coventry)

·      Kingdom A&S was phenomenal.

·      Master Sean was chosen to be one of the Premier members of the new Peerage, the Master of Defence.

·      Master Owen the Merry is the new Bardic Champion of An Tir.

·      Sir Martin le Harper was runner up.

·      Baronial Pavilion—B&B will not be at May Crown; Sir Athos will take it down and the Sergeants will set it up on the eric.


B.    Seneschal Welcome and Report (12/16) (Lady Gera Gangolffin)

·      Waivers—Sara the Brave has been catching us up on waivers

·      Fight waivers also need to be caught up

·      Warrants—Sgt. Karrel and our family activities coordinator’s warrants need to be done.

·      Storage unit—issue!!  Renters insurance added last year, at about the time change of seneschal happened.  They took the money for insurance out of the rental and didn’t really tell us.  So they called to say we were in arrears.  Letter went out, but we did not respond.  (Our insurance is only liability, so it doesn’t cover property.)  So, we are going to cut a check tonight to pay for the insurance amount and for rental for the next year.

·      Also still need to fill empty officer positions.


C.   Exchequer Report (12/16) (HL Lianor Pereira DoValle)

·      We have money!!

·      February Checking  $ 9,513.80

·      February Money Market  $17,596.93




A.    Close out

·      Baronial A&S (HL Emma La Rousse D’argentan)

o   Hope you have your final figures tonight!!

o   Looks to turn in final report next month

o   HL Emma is willing to run the event again next year

o   Sgt. Karrel has volunteered to run gate next year and learn how to run the event

o   Looking at dates for next year, trying not to conflict with neighboring branches.  Note, however, that we have more folks who come from DL than from BAO

o   Even so, Baron Stefan requests that we do not calendar against BAO

o   Could go to the last weekend in February, which has nothing calendared at the last moment.  Anyone have an issue with back to back events?.

o   What about March?  March 19 next year may work. 


B.    In Process

·      Peasants’ Revel

o   We have a potential autocrat in Sgt. Karrel

·      Emprise of the Black Lion (Master Guillaume de Garrigues)

o   Still tentatively happening

o   Still looking for a new site, gathering details

o   Calendar conundrum?  Emprise scheduled for 18th-20th, opposite Lord Defender’s and Last Chance.

o   We could move to the previously held Last Chance date.

o   Now that the initial date, chosen to satisfy the Ranch, is no longer an issue, we can choose another date.

o   If you know of another awesome equestrian site, let the event stewards know.


·      Madrone Baronial Feast (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

o   Still intending to move forward with the bid.

o   Lots of Italian fun!


C.   Old Business

·      Indoor fight practice

o   It’s awesome!!

o   Great site, several people there doing both heavy and rapier.

o   Looking into negotiation access to other rooms so that we can have everything in one place on Monday nights.

o   Baron says:  We are going to schedule social there the last Monday of this month.  (clarification: this will either be the 23rd or 30th.  To be confirmed)

o   Barons says: The goal is to move Curia out to that location.

o   Baron says:  Fighter practice is a social gathering as well as a practice.

o   And that saves money, too!!  Right now the fighters are chipping in to cover cost, but if we move everything to one spot, we cut the overall cost in the long run.

o   Reminder to Lady Gera:  don’t forget to post the location of the indoor practice on the email list.



D.   New Business

·      What to do with current baronial pavilion

o   New pavilion is on order!

o   So what do we do with the current pavilion?  This topic will be opened up for discussion on facebook and email this month.

o   Looking for commentary.


E.    Officer Reports

1.   New officers:

            Officer positions accepting applications:

·      A&S Minister (4/15)

o   We do have one application for this position from Baron/ess Aeron.

·      Knight Marshal (5/15)—title changing to Baronial Marshal

o   Master Sean is going to resign as Knight Marshal, at the end of May because he will have a tremendous amount on his plate with the new Order of Defence

o   You do not need to be a knight, a heavy fighter, or a fighter at all.  You do need to be a marshal.  Our goal is to try to keep the knight marshal as a senior marshal, or someone who is training to become a knight marshal.

o   Per current ABC’s we should go to the term  Branch Marshal

o   Luaithrenn Reminder:  Change the term to Branch Marshal in the Customary.


·      Gold Key Deputy

o   Need a deputy for Gold Key, please!!!


2.     Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds


a.     Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya) – Inactive for season


b.     Arts & Sciences (4/15) (HL Katryne MacKim)

My Warrant is up in April of this year.  I do not want to renew my warrant, though I will stay until a replacement is found.   


Events Concluded:

Baronial Arts and Sciences:  congrats to our new Champion Adrianna the Fierce.  

Ranulf was the winner for our Research Paper contest and Alicia du Bois was the winner for Morgan Donner’s Delightful Dozen Largess Competition


Events upcoming:

none for the Barony itself until Emprise of the Black Lion, at this time   



Classes concluded

None in February


Classes Scheduled (all upcoming)

March Social– hopefully bead necklaces for Largess

April 19th–Temari Ball class 12 to 5 Bellevue Main Public Library teacher:     Kate MacKim

May (perhaps)– working to have a basic book binding class.


Requests for assistance:


c.     Chamberlain (4/14) (HL Karrel der Ertmundigender)

Baronial Chamberlain report for February.


Loaned items out for Baronial A&S on February 7.

Got items back and put them back in storage.


Working on storage unit paperwork issues.


d.     Chatelaine (6/16)(Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)

We had 1 new email inquiry in February. We also had 6 new members in the meet-up group. I have provided information, and generally encouraged the new contacts to come to a Social (Madrone or Porte de l’Eau) as their first activity, and am advertising the social and scribal night on Meet-up. We had about 5 new or almost new people at the February Baronial Social, plus two from the past.

e.     Herald (6/16) (Lady Matilda Stoyle)

Heraldry continues, no injuries.  If you are at an event in some other branch, and you see awesome examples of heraldic display, please take a picture and send it to Lady Matilda!!


f.      Lists (HL Rowena D’ath-fhirdia) – Inactive for season



g.     Knight Marshal (5/15) (Master Sean O’Conner)

Stepping down because of his upcoming duties as Master of Defence.


h.    Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

                        No report as of the writing of these minutes.


i.      Rapier (12/15) (HL Renzo di Venturius)

      No injuries, no incidents, things continue, Monday nights are rivaling Wednesday for attendance.  Attendance is picking up.

j.      Scribe (6/16) (HL Rignach of Argyll)

Scribal Night:

Date & Time: The scribal night is happening the first & third Mondays now.

The Next meeting is March 16th location tbd. Watch the Facebook page this week. Since the Shoreline Library is not convenient for the majority of scribes we will find a new venue.


Charters: I have more kingdom charters to hand out. Please return to me anything you have outstanding, even unfinished work. I am trying to amass enough to cover both the Emprise *AND* Banquet because they are too close together for work to occur between.


Current Stock: Based on what I have and guesstimated need for the next two events with some extra stock allowed for A&S. No production occurred over the Nov-Dec holidays last year. I project none will this year. So totals reflect three events worth.

                Tsvetis: Have 4, Need 8-10 Total

                Green Leafs: Have 7, Need 10-12 Total

                Gwraidds: Have 6, Need 2 Total

                Rapier Champion: Have 1, Need 1 Total

                Champions: Have 0, Need 4 Total

                Saplings: Have 1, Need 3 total

                Book marks: Have 0, Need 12 total

                Thank Yous: Have 0, Need 4 total


Attendance: February 17th was President’s Day so no scribal happened and three scribes in attendance March 3rd.


Classes: The Whitework  discussion on the third yielded some interesting discoveries, as only pouring over manuscripts will do. The class on calligraphy  by Ismenia will be pushed out to April. I will be posting details on it on the facebook page. Let me know directly if you wish to attend and are not on facebook.


Upcoming subjects for March and April will include:   Matching Calligraphy hands to that disconnected image, Shading in the medieval fashion, by Alicia du Bois, and Calligraphy Part Two by Ismenia.


Office Materials:

      Still Needed:


Black and Green Wax (I am out completely)

Black wax melting/pouring pot (using coke can for now)

Box to contain all the seal making elements

Archival storage for past reign charters & masters – looking at portfolios and acid free boxes


February Goals:

Get approval for continued work on Framing project – (In Progress)

Attend A&S – (Completed)

Make a contact list for the Scribes Manual – (Completed)

Confirm Teachers for March Classes – (In Progress)

Build up an inventory of charters ready to be signed and sealed (in progress)

Make a large print run so I have more charters to hand out – (In Progress)

Add a Port d’leau scribal night – (Not started)


March Goals:

Make a list of sources for materials for the Scribal Manual (complete)

Hold a discussion on whitework (complete)

Hold a follow up class on Calligraphy – the next step (in progress)

Start collecting charters for the two fall events (in progress)

Get names for scrolls for two fall events from the Baron & Baroness for assignment to scribes (not started)


ALSO:  Needs a deputy!!

k.    Serjeantry (HL Katryne MacKim)

Progress was made on the Sergeantry boards.  Baldrics picked up on Friday.  Baron Pembroke says he will speak to Amy about invoicing for          the baldrics. 

l.      Thrown Weapons – (HL Klaufi Hafrsson) – Inactive for season

      Restarting soon—look for an announcement soon.

m.   Webster (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)

Oral report at Curia:  Trying to put together a requirements discussion for the website, to       migrate chronicler to a blog format.  She has asked for input on the facebook page and email.  Lady Gera will get something circulating as far as requirements goes.

Written report: 

Webster’s report for February 2015

·      It was pointed out to me that Webster is a period term for a female weaver. A male weaver was called Weber or Webber. Therefore I have changed my title. Website and email addresses have been updated. will still forward and webber or

·      Curia minutes for 12/2014 and 01/2015 were uploaded to the Baronial Website, I do not have copies of 10/14 or 11/14 to post. 

·      Financial Committee minutes don’t currently have a spot on the Website but can be added

·      A&S Event link on home page was removed


·      Baronial Website Update:

o   We will use WordPress for the new website since it will be easier to use than Joomla. 

o   Goal is to have the Website moved over for 3/15/15

o   Initial migration will keep information sitemap pretty much the same in order to save time. Reorganization and improvements will continue once migration has happened. 


·      To do in March 2015:

o   Complete website migration to new hosting/Wordpress

o   identify members of the Barony who may be able to help with WordPress(ongoing)

o   upload curia and financial committee minutes (Curia minutes done, financial committee to-do

o   create a new section for Financial committee minutes and upload/link them in. Collect more of the archived minutes.

o   ongoing web updates as needed (eg: capture some of the events being announced on the email list and put them on the website).


Respectfully submitted,


Lady Alicia du Bois

Webster, Barony of Madrone


3.     Guilds:


a.     Culinary (HL Ysolt of Wind Hill) 

·      Has the culinary guild’s list box of cookbooks here today, if anyone wishes to purchase (or browse)

·      Doing a couple of weekend reconstructions coming up in Ballard (03/22 and 04/26).

·      Weekly reconstruction is on Thursday of this week in Eastgate.


b.     Dance (Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan)

Buona sera!

Come sta?


Camp Fromage Party Band rehearses weekly, led by Master Guillaume de Garrigues.


Due to conflict with Renaissance and Baroque dance classes Tuesdays, Master Trahaern and I have been missing Social; we hope there is dance at Social.


Feb 28th, Collegium, Glymm Mere (autocrat: Master Erik; lunch prepared by Rosalinda Beatriz de Carrasco and Francisca de Montoya)

Multiple class tracks:


HL Selena Zane:

            1. Music Appreciation in Period

            2. A Note in Time


Madame Jacqueline de Lioncourt:

            1. Intro to Shakespeare (acting)

            2. Songs and Stories for Youth

            3. Juggling (intro)

            4. Recorder (intro to playing, focused on playing at events)


HL Isabell de Walingsford:

            History of Games


Master Trahaern, HL Soelig and HL Alen:

            Dances of Western European Renaissance

            1. England: Gresley/John Banys’ Notebook (c.1500, Northern         England), Old Measures at Inns of Court (London, 1570-1675), Playford (London, 1651-early 1700’s)

            2. France: Arbeau’s _Orchesographie_ (Langres, 1589),        Burgundian Basse Danse (c.1450’s-early 1500’s)

            3. Italy: Guglielmo, Domenico, Ebreo (1455-early 1500’s), Fabritio             Caroso (Venice, 1580 and 1600)

            4. Ball Etiquette, primarily from Caroso’s _Nobilita di Dame_         (Venice, 1600)

            (Music for first three by HL Ranulf Mirthe, recorders)


Upcoming events:


OT but half P: Tuesday March 10th, Seattle, WA:

Seattle Early Dance performance, through Early Music Guild

1st half- Italian Renaissance dance from 15th and 16th Century, and Arbeau’s “Buffons,” 2nd half- French Baroque. Live instruments, and songs in Italian, French and English. Master Trahaern and I are scheduled to dance through the first half, and two dances in the second..

For more details,


March 21st:

Wyewood Spring Faire and Ithra

(HL Soelig, HL Alen and I hope to teach dance)


Apr 17-19:

Perfectly Period Feast North, focus: Firenze 1480’s

(Hope to teach 15th-century Italian dance)


Molto grazie; thank you for your time and attention.

In  service,

HL Ranulf Mirthe

mka Toivo Rovainen


c.     Equestrian (Mistress Kerij-e)

·      Practice has begun; attended by four horses and ten people.  It was a small turnout.


d.     Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)

·      No injuries, no one has been burnt, no molds have been broken.


F.    Canton of Porte de l’Eau (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

·      They are still looking at the calendar to determine when to do an A&S Day.

·      Found a site for an A&S event, but need to get the calendar to work

·      Pushing the monthly meeting out a Friday or two; will be announced when firmed up.

·      A number of new folk are turning up as well.