March 2020 Financial committee meeting

Minutes of the 3/3 to 3/6 Online Financial Committee Meeting

Greetings Madrone,

Shortly after the Athenaeum Bid was approved at our February Curia, the original site unexpectedly changed their minds and decided not to rent to us after all. The Athenaeum Team dropped everything to find a new site in an insanely short period of time in order to still meet the March 15th Crier Deadline. Huge thanks are due to Kerij-e, Aeron, & Gera for their work to find a plan B! Athenaeum has very specific & challenging site requirements, so the best option they could find required a significantly higher rental fee.

Per Baronial Policy, any significant increase to a budget that needs to happen before the next Curia must be approved by the Baronial Financial Committee, and the decision must be unanimous. Over the course of March 3rd to 6th an emergency Online meeting of the Baronial Financial Committee was held to review the price differences and determine whether this change was in the best interests of the barony. Participating were myself as Seneschal, Sarah Pixie our Exchequer, Their Excellencies, Spike & Enzio, and Gera as my drop dead deputy/overseer of the most recent curia meeting while I was out of town. (and Kerij-e while not part of the meeting itself was constantly responding to questions about details, so we could make a more informed decision, and agreeing to compromises to make the final decision workable.)

On 3/3 I convened the meeting with a description of the situation, and a proposal to approve changing to the Issaquah Community Center with a revised event Cost of $3084.56 vs. the original estimated Cost of $1727.56. (this was for the main gym, and 2 large side rooms)

Our exchequer raised obvious concern re nearly doubling the Cost of the event, given that the profit from last year’s Athenaeum was a large portion of what paid our monthly Baronial expenses last year.

There was some back & forth discussion over the next day or two, regarding ways to cut costs, what the two side rooms at the Issaquah site would specifically be used for & were they necessary, other alternative sites, that if the event was cancelled we would have no profit regardless, etc. With the generous offer from Mistress Gera of her personal RV to be a free Royal Ready Room, we were able to compromise on passing table rental costs to those displaying who need tables, and renting just one side room, which would be shared between multiple activities across the day.

On 3/5 I sent a revised proposal that we approve the Issaquah site with just the gym & one side room for a Cost of $2629.56. By 3/6/20 we had the necessary unanimous approval.

Site copy has since been submitted to the Crier, and the Athenaeum Team is now moving forward with planning this event, which we hope is far enough in the future that we will all be through the current health crisis and ready to meet again in person and share our joy in the Arts & Sciences of the SCA time frame!

If you have any questions regarding this decision feel free to ask myself or any other member of the Financial Committee.

In Service,

Eden, Seneschal of Madrone