Lost in the Knight

Dear Traitorously,

My Baron had asked me to dine with him and his Baroness this evening, and I had gratefully accepted, but then a handsome young knight asked me to go vigiling–at the same time as supper is scheduled! I really like this knight, and I think that if an agreement could be reached
with him it would really improve my social status, but I don’t want to offend my Baron.

What should I do?

Lost in the Knight

Dear Lost,

A knight who can improve your social status and is handsome to boot? Sounds like quite catch! I recommend you sink your hooks in deep, tout de suite.

It is important, for just these type of occasions, to have a list of plausible excuses that you can use to wriggle out of any unfortunate social engagements, without offending parties that might be of use to you in the future.

Might I suggest the death of a grandparent? Or if you reached the limit on that one, that you had some bad boar. If all else fails perhaps you can arrange to sup with them both in the same tavern. Then invent excuses to scuttle back and forth between the two dinner engagements. What could go wrong?