Financial Committee Notes 2015-05

Financial Committee Meeting



Attending: Baron and Baroness, Lianor, Gera


Klaufi/Claw Kelsay submitted a proposal for 120 for thrown weapons supplies.

He has a budget of $50. He needs $70 special request, and he can’t go over that amount.

He needs to either submit receipts or check request. Stefan has reached out to him to determine whether check or receipt.

This is approved.


Travel thrones

Alasdair of BAO/Holland Cooley offered to do travel thrones at material cost only. $90 for two thrones.

This is approved and we’ll get him a check tonight.



Site donation cash since 2/2/2015:  $559 = $50/night

We have not ever received an invoice and need to have one to be able to pay.

Making a financial decision that will affect the Barony.

We want to earmark the donation money as a site fee line item rather than general budget.

We’ll coordinate with Etienette on best way to organize.

This is approved unanimously with the caveat: we need an invoice.

Emmelina suggested that we create a form for him and email it to him.


Storage Unit

We aren’t getting communication or invoices. Do we want to move the storage unit if we can’t work out the business issues? Communicate in writing re: needing invoice and written and phone contact if there are issues. Lianor will price alternatives, preferably with no insurance tacked on.