Financial Committee Notes 2015-02

Barony of Madrone Financial Committee Meeting Q1 2015

Date: February 2, 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Third Place Books, Lake Forest, WA

In attendance:

Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Sean Thomas Bjers
Baroness Emmelina de Coventry/Emily Selbo
Exchequer HL Lianor Pereira DoValle/Carol Magalhaes
Seneschal Lady Gera Gangolffin/Jeri Sisco
Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne/Stephanie Ray Solum HL Christopher Edward Hawkins/Mike Solum
HL Sarra the Brave/Sara McPhail
HL Ysolt Tayler/Tayla Sablerose
Lady Sarah Pixie/Sarah Maiser

1. Review quarterly reports

  • Total gross income for 2014: $24,954.54

  • Total Expenses for 2014: $26,622.72

  • Loss: $1,668.18

  • Etienette: Make sure to subtract depreciation, will make loss $400 less

  • Lianor: Event income is less profit sharing for crown w/ Kingdom and

    Vulkanfeldt, Emprise with Wyewood

  • Stefan – what is equipment rental and site fee for. (Lianor:

    portapotties and dumpsters)

  • Alternate view of 2014, based on annual income/expenses only,

    per Julian Sinclair on FB in December:

o Approved Budgetary Spending for 2014: $7,466
o Actual Budgetary Spending YTD: $3,388.32
o NET Income from Events: $4,548.47
o Net profit based on the above: $1,160.15
o Note that $3,000 of the event income came from May Crown. If

we had not hosted that event we would have lost ~ $1,800

  • Stefan: we need to be solvent solely upon income/outgo, not based

    upon Microsoft money or other donations

  • Sarah P – Can we use other financial reporting formats?

  • Etienette – These are the ones required by SCA, although we can

    create other reports for our own use.

  • Etienette – Estimated $2200 profit for 2014

  • Stefan – but this is due to May Crown

Group is good with budget and balance numbers with adjustments discussed

2. YAC proposal (Sarah Pixie)

  • $232 for one time expenditure for starter/loaner gear

  • Six shields/swords, 10 boffer swords

  • Lianor: is demand there?

  • Sarah P, Stefan: yes, players are going to AQ and WYE to play

  • Financial committee – approves. As an over-$100 decision, this will go

    to Curia for secondary discussion and final approval.

    3. Baronial pavilion

o Question as to sizing of pavilion (20×30). Is this the right size?

Consensus is yes.
o Storage size is an issue. Canvas will take up double the space.

Poles made by Master Edward are substantial and also space

o Is there room in baronial storage? Yes.
o How do we transport? Stefan can transport, he has trailer. He

expressed concern as to what happens when they are no

longer BandB and/or cannot transport pavilion?
o Suggestion: Poles and pavilion can be transported separately.

Madrone’s pavilion has always had a distinctive look and we’d like to continue that.

o Color, shape, banners, etc. Stefan much prefers rectangular over oval for additional space.

o Panther paints their canvas, so it’s super heavy and not breathable, takes up double the space

o Can’t get different colored dags from Panther but we can paint them ourselves

o For specific pricing, Lianor will get and record quotes,

including Panther poles rather than Edward’s because of size o How are we paying for it?

! Option 1: Buy outright from baronial funds

  • !  Option 2: Buy outright then fundraise to offset cost

  • !  Option 3: Fundraise first, then buy when funds are


o Consensus was for option 2, as waiting on option 3 would miss

tourney season for this year. This will go back to curia for discussion.

4. Comping instructors at Baronial A&S


  • Request made to comp event fees ($10 ea) for instructors at A&S: Duke Stefan of Bellatrix, Master Ugo Serrano, Jarl Styrkarr Jarlskald

    o Stefan: these instructors will be attracting significant numbers of attendees so comping their event fee is good business

    o Consensus is to approve

  • Request made to reimburse feast fee for above instructors at A&S

o We do not comp feast fees as it is a direct cost to the culinary guild

o We also cannot reimburse feast fees (or any other event fees) from baronial funds

o Feast fees can be sponsored by an individual

o Stefan and Emmelina will be sponsoring their feast fees
The fighting class on Sunday, organized by Sir Rauokinn, is not an

official baronial event
o Fee for participation is $20/fighter
o Rauokinn has covered the cost of Duke Stefan’s plane fare and

will use fees to cover that cost
o All other class funds will be donated to the Barony

Financial committee unanimously approves these three measures

5. Facility proposal

  • From FB, Sir Raoukinn and Sir Vilius are interested renting and assuming financial responsibility for a facility in which SCA activities can take place.

  • Stefan: They would then rent this to us and to other organizations for practices, meetings, project nights

  • Lianor, Stefan: We need to ensure that they are aware we cannot cover costs as a Barony

  • Etienette: We don’t want Rauokinn and Vilius to get hurt if this doesn’t see anticipated use. Any such would be both location sensitive and BandB leadership sensitive

  • The exploratory group on this initiative is not an official baronial committee, but rather Sir Rauokinn and Sir Vilius looking at options, and using a few folks from the barony as a sounding board

  • Related: Maria/Natasha is facilitating discussion related to gym and classroom facility availability for fight practice PLUS A&S at the place she teaches. This discussion is taking place on Seattle Fight Group.

6. Check requests

  • $192 to reimburse Gera for PO Box annual fee

  • $XX for event cash box money for Iacobo

    Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.