Financial Committee Meeting March 8, 2022

• Athenaeum Artisan’s Fair – received budget from Minister of Arts Aeron Corrino for use of Scottish Rite Hall (other avenues did not pan out): 

-1400$ for site (as per usual), 50$ for insurance, and 150$ for incidentals. Total 1600$.  

-At $20/head, 80 people is the break even  

-Capping pre-reg ( which will be required to attend) at 170 so we should see a profit 
– Budget approved as written. 

• 2021 – the Barony ended the year only $2,649.08 in the red.  Given the pandemic etc, that’s not too bad. 

• 2022 so far – As of Feb 28, the Barony is $1,317.17 in the black.  Yay!   

-we’ve spent $750 for Kapka so far 

– $240 paid for the PO Box 

– $131.40 paid for web hosting. 

-We discuss the WordPress add-on ($80/year) and agree to keep it for another year. 

-Storage Locker payment will be due around May 

-No officers have used their budgets yet this year.   

• Raging Rogue Tavern/Lionhearts Martial and Bardic Championships – should submit reimbursement request for site deposit. 

-needs to submit a check request for Gate seed money well in advance.