Fall 2017 Financial Committee notes.


Financial Committee Meeting

Attendees:  Baron Enzio Bandinelli, Baroness Spike Zoetart, Gera Gangofflin, Emma la rousse D’Argentan, Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir, Sarra the Brave


  • Q2 report – reviewed and signed
  • 2018 Budget – discussed and direction given to Exchequer on various items to be presented at next two Curias for review
  • Financial Policy – revisions reviewed and approved:
    • Financial Committee can approve non-budgeted expenditures of up to $100 between meetings of the Baronial Curia
    • Inventory timing:
      • Storage unit every two years
      • Regalia and baronial property held by coronets, officers, or champions
        • coronets and champions regalia will be taken when new coronets or champions step up
      • baronial property held by officers will be taken when officers change office
      • updated signatories
  • Also – need to inventory what baronial property vis heavy, rapier, archery, thrown weapons exists.
  • Timing for change of bank signatories due to upcoming officer changeovers discussed.
  • Change of Financial Policy Signatories ditto – timing discussed.
  • Storage unit Inventory is set for October 15 – advertising of same discussed.  Exchequer will reach out to Chamberlain.
  • Discussed using PayPal for baronial events.  Will not use at this time; will reconsider in future.
  • Emprise – have some pre-paid expenses that will roll into next year (deposit).  Have lost some payments (insurance).
  • May Crown – discussed what to do with overage paid to Kingdom.  Decision is to present at Collegium to Their Majesties as a donation.

Submitted by:

Emma la rousse d’Argentan, Exchequer, Madrone