Curia notes september 2020

Excellencies: hello, welcome, appreciate you coming.  
• question: would you like a virtual Madrone court? kingdom has created guidelines for virtual courts. Do they include all the parts of the experience that people want? There is a desire to recognize those who have made virtual events happen. Allowed once a quarter, must announce at least 2 weeks in advance and apply to the Kingdom calendar.  

Seneschal: please remember to give each other grace since we are all under stress from many angles.  

• Baronial Zoom account: for $115 a year we can have up to 100 people per meeting. For a small extra fee we can expand that for 1 month up to 1000 people (12th Night). Will look into continuing online Curias even after we are able to meet in person for the sake of accessibility. Will vote at next Curia.  
• Nov/Dec Curia will be combined on Dec 1. With the Covid shut-down should we consider Curia only every other month? General consensus seems to be No except around the holidays. 

12th Night: Reply from hotel that they are willing to cancel 2021 with no charge IF we sign a contract for 2022. Discussed a 15% reduction in expected numbers. Deposit should just roll over. We need to cancel individual room reservations for 2021. Look for 2022 room reservation announcement in Jan-Feb. Need to discuss a Virtual 12th Night with The Crown, have a meeting scheduled later this week. Still may do a Laurels’ Atheneum. 

Port d’Leau: new seneschal is Lady Margaret Palmer. Meetings continue. Still processing the loss of Anne Rose. 

Exchequer:  Financial committee meeting needs to happen soon, will do via Zoom. Sending draft of next year’s budget out to Seneschal and Their Excellencies 

Culinary: will keep their regular business meeting but turn it into a social – 1st Wed of the month. Watching beverage history videos together 2nd Thursdays. 

Equestrian: will have a meeting this Thursday. Will ask for insurance reimbursement since we did not use it this year. Discussed specifics of reimbursement. Will set up all Saturdays in 2021 at Trinity barn for insurance purposes. 

Dance: nothing to report  

Armored combat: nothing to report 

Rapier: nothing to report 

Chamberlain: nothing to report 

Chatelaine: nothing to report 

Webminister: nothing to report 

Sergeants: nothing to report 
Gold Key: nothing to report 
Scribal: nothing to report 
Heralds: nothing to report 
Social Media: nothing to report 

A&S: nothing to report.  Regarding virtual Courts: let’s give ourselves positive reasons to interact while waiting to have in-person events again. Still a lot of interest in online classes.