Curia Notes Oct 2020

Excellencies: we are here, nice to see people. happy to see positiveness online.

Seneschal: baronial Zoom account – approved. Next curia Dec 1,next in Jan. need to work on an approval process for virtual events. Helewisa is moving away, Tabytha has applied to take over: approved. Kerij-e has volunteered as Seneschal deputy. Will be taking over in Jan – approval from all officers.

12th Night: planning an ethereal event, not approved by the Crown yet. working on ways to make it special, not like Atheneum/Collegium. focusing on social spaces. Crown has approved court on Sat. Still need more tech support personnel. Virtual event Gate & site token: has been done by other virtual events, will work on it. Working on an option for donating to cover expenses, get a physical token, looking into legal questions. Want to make sure that Wyewood is involved. In negotiations with Double Tree about physical 12th Night 2022, looks like our estimate for site cost is close to what we planned. hotel deposit for 2021 rolls over to 2022. Rooms cannot roll over, please cancel.

Excellencies: had planned to step down in 2021 but in-person events have changed so time frame may be extended.  Please start thinking about applying to run. 

Maestra Rosa: recently moved to Madrone from Wyewood. Wants to host a virtual Fashion Show to give us a deadline for working on garb. We have Feb 27 reserved on the kingdom calendar, but no event confirmed, this would be a good choice. 

Had planned to have a Laurel’s Atheneum at 12th Night. Doesn’t work with Crowns plans for Virtual 12th Night. Working on making a separate event sometime next year. Need an Event steward, preferably (but not necessarily) a Laurel so they can easily coordinate with the Laurel’s council.

Port d’Leau: nothing to report

Combat, Rapier, Scribal, Sergeants & Dance: no activities

Chatelaine: 3 new people per month contacting, transplants and new. Consistent, online presence is working very well for people new to the area/game. 

social media: a few people added to our FB pages

Chamberlain: would like to step down this Summer. Needs a replacement.

Exchequer:  No activity other than interest. Financial Committee Meeting on Oct 29th. Presented proposed Baronial Budget for 2021 – final approval next month if no concerns.