Curia Notes November-December 2020

Dec 1, 2020 – Madrone Baronial Curia

Opening welcome from Baron and Baroness

Words from their Excellencies

-Grateful for our lack of drama and patience during pandemic

Words from the Seneschal:

-Purchase of Baronial Zoom Account is delayed at Kingdom until January.
-Stephen d’Jardin stepping down as Chamberlain. Warrant expires Feb 2021. Flexible to extend. If anyone has candidates.
-Kerij-e (new seneschal) will be added to the Seneschal email and Facebook after this meeting.
-Webster Rowenna de Manning extended one year starting Nov 2020
-Herald Simon extended for one year from Dec 2020


Ethereal 12th Night
-The Website is live and announcements are up
-Brief welcome court in the AM by Their Majesties
-Longer afternoon court by Their Majesties
-Knowne World Bardic is invited.
-Wassailing at 9 p.m.
-Fundraiser has not been approved. There are open questions with the Society Exchequer. There will be no site token. Will ask for donations. Maybe create a separate.

Athenaeum June 2021
-Timing is difficult for an in-person event (we don’t know how fast vaccines will become widely available) and no bid has been submitted yet. If there is a path to a physical event, we would need an event bid asap, but sites aren’t willing to talk to people right now.
-Barony would prefer a bid for a virtual event instead to avoid stress & wasted effort.
ACTION: Aeron will ask the Event FB group what direction the actual volunteers want to go.
-Potential Laurel’s Athenaeum is another idea that needs to be discussed. Aeron will likewise make inquiries.

Emprise 2021
-August 27-28, 2021
-Event is on the calendar and needs an event steward.
-Gera and Margaret are interested in submitting a bid after January.

12th Night 2022
-Spike Autocrat and John de Percy co-autocrat
-$12,084 estimated profit for a 2022 event.
-Seatac Doubletree Hotel asked for a larger deposit $500 by January 31, 2021 and a $2000 deposit by August 2021. Suggest split between Madrone/Wyewood. Hotel currently has a $150 deposit from 2021. Yes, approved for the balance. This is the second discussion.

Officer & Group reports:

Exchequer Report
-New Exchequer Mistress Etiennette is waiting on kingdom notice and warrant. Probably at the time of 12th Night, along with some last items from Sarah Pixie.
-Wants to make sure we have a more complete digital collection of our Bank Statements. 2018 and 2019 are downloaded. Looking to save 5 years of statements.
-Upcoming expenses Jan 15: Post Office box @$215/year; Waiting for invoice. Will send to financial committee as notice. It is part of the approved budget.
-Need to order checks, estimated expense $50-60. Needs approval. Not in budget, but it is under $100. She will order this month.
-Storage rental isn’t due until end of March.
-There will be an incoming donation of money, approximately $3000 from our Baronial members who do the Microsoft matching program, to cover any losses from the pandemic. Thank you, Margaret, Ysolt, and others.
-Reviewed and approved the proposed budget with minor changes discussed. Etiennette will submit 2021 budget to financial committee.

Porte d’Leau
-Doing well. New Year’s party planned on Jan 2nd.

Combat -No activity

Rapier -No activity

Chatelaine -No activity

Gold Key -No activity

Social Media
-added people to the FB group and helping with 12th Night PR communications.
-Eden reminds everyone that the Baronial social media officer is not the default PR person for every event Madrone hosts.

-Cooking, but not medieval. Virtual Social tomorrow.

-No activity. Need a new guild head, and to obtain refund insurance from cancelled Emprise 2020.

-There is a person interested.

-Order of the Graith as of August 2020 has been registered!

-Website continues. Updating site with officer listings.

A&S (in a skull onesie with footies!)
-Taught at Collegium.
-An idea for Ethereal 12th Night; A small accessory or thing to take something to the next level. Help not be overwhelmed with a big project.
-No witchcraft occurrences to report.

This is Seneschale Eden’s last meeting in the office. She says Thank You to the officers, who made it an easy, calm job. Thanks to the Baron and Baroness and to Gera for always being there with counsel. Glad Madrone is the No Drama Barony. Thank you all.

January meeting is on 1/26/2021. We may have the new Zoom account by then. Seneschal changeover will take place and Viscountess Kerij-e will be leading. Be as kind and supportive of her as you were of Eden!

Saturday 12/19/2020 – At the last moment, the Baroness announces she will host a Baroness’ Social around Tea Time/Happy Hour. Look for the invite. A Cookie Plate show and tell is suggested.