Curia Notes June 2022

June 28 2022 Curia meeting

Words from Their Excellencies

• Thank you to everyone for supporting them over the last several years. 

• Not going away when they step down, they look forward to being in the barony as regular folks and continuing to serve in different ways.
• Thanks to Guillaume & Anissa for taking the ginormous Baronial Pavilion home with them to dry in their large shop after June Faire

Words from the Baronial Heirs (Their Nexcellencies)

• Looking forward to stepping up & taking on this new role. 

• Working on planning their investiture, please participate in their processional for the step up at Athenaeum. 

• Thanks to folks who have been helping them with garb!
• Would greatly appreciate new volunteers that could take the Baronial Pavilion to & from Events going forward (Baronial Teamsters)
• Bianca will be their largesse coordinator.  Contact information coming soon.

Words from Seneschal

• No changes to the State, County, and Kingdom Covid Policy this month.

• Looking at a new policy for fight practice, because it’s on Mondays immediately after events, of not cancelling when there’s a known covid exposure, but of letting folks know about exposures, and leaving them to make their own decisions about the risk of attendance.  Obviously we suggest that you mask, test, etc, and if you feel ill at all PLEASE STAY HOME regardless of any test results!

• Officers, please check all your baronial & AnTir email accounts, to make sure you’re receiving messages, and please confirm that your superiors are using the correct address to try & reach you – there have been issues…

• Reminder to always check activities/events for cancelations and changes – kingdom calendar seems to be back on track, but not all event stewards are updating things.

• Reminder of open and soon to be re-warranted offices: Arts & Sciences, Chamberlain (1 possible applicant), Chatelaine, Exchequer (will extend), Herald, Armored Combat Marshall (will extend) Rapier Marshall, Scribe, Social Media Officer, Webster, and Youth Armored Combat.  If you are interested in any of the open positions please contact the seneschal or the current officer to learn more about what is involved. 

• Request from Wyewood – they are seeking a copy of the Charter

from when they became a CANTON – if anyone has any clue.

• Baronial Monday Socials (tentatively 1st and 3rd Mondays)
            Skipping July because it’s too busy

            August 1 – Ice-cream Social – Hosted by Gera and Kit

            August 15 – Inkleweaving – Hosted by Margaret

Call for hosts for future socials 
                        Suggested topics: Intro to clothing of [insert your favorite culture &time here]

                        Handsewing? How to pitch an event idea to Curia?

                        How do I become a heavy fighter? How do I become a rapier fighter?
                        Guild Recruitment day. Meet your Baronial Officers.  

Possibly a heraldry night.  Intro to calligraphy night.

• Congratulations to Alicia who was elevated to the Order of the Laurel at June Faire

Words from the Port de L’eau Seneschal
• PdL curia went well

• Upcoming event 7/23 (Sven’s Picnic in the Park) bring games, food for a picnic, etc.  If there is a positive COVID report after July Coronation they ask anyone who attended coronation that wants to come to Sven’s to please Test first!


Exchequer  – Etienette (11/22) 
• Paid site fee for Athenaeum & storage locker this last month, so transferred $2000 from savings to cover costs.  The $ should be coming back from Athenaeum.
• Need to schedule a Financial mtg (towards End of July/early August)
• Will confirm who’s currently a signer on the acct. need to add one of the Nexcellencies (Gera may still be a signer from her previous role as Seneschal.
Wyewood found the missing $ from 12th night.

Arts & Sciences – Aeron (6/21)  no time for anything but Athenaeum

Chatelaine – Tabytha (10/22)

helping Kerij-e organize socials
            Gold Key – Isentrud (7/24) just volunteered & took over the role – hurray!

            And thank you to Margaret for her Service in this role!

Chamberlain – Steven (Accepting applications) 
• Baronial Pavilion came home from JuneFaire  (Needs repair! Before July Coronation or Emprise at the latest, we should write to Panther & let them know it’s a problem, this tent has barely been used)
• Storage Facility having access issues this month.
• Sept 11th day to review inventory w/Excellencies, Nexcellencies
• Most baronial properties in Excellencies hands were handed to Nexcellencies – Etienette will document properly at Athenaeum.

 Herald – Simon (11/22) –  helping someone with submissions

Armored Combat – Nicklaus (9/22)
• big attendance last night.  Resistant to moving to the park because of heat.

• No practice next Monday (July 5th) because of holiday.  Also no practice on Sept 5

Rapier Marshal – Temetgen (6/22) no report

Scribe – Magdelena (Accepting applications)

Social Media – Basilius (6/22)  no report

Webster – Rowena (11/25)
• no injuries to report.

• Keeping up on new Baronial Activities & updating web page as activities start back up. 
• Will update emails to forward to Nexcellencies. & add pics of new bnb when it happens. 

Chronicler – Eden (3/24) forgot to post Leaf to Web Page, sorry!

Youth Armored Combat – vacant position

Baronial Activities & Groups
Sergeantry – Basilus/Emma – testing went well

Culinary Guild – Tristin
busy prepping lunch for Athenaeum.  Lunch will be by PREREGISTRATION, deadline is July 5th! 

Dance – Trahaern & Ranulf

• Porte De L’Eau is holding regular practices,
• June 16 there was a practice in wyewood
• Kerij-e will ask Trahaern & Ranulf about restarting dance at Monday socials.

Equestrian – Annisa – no report


July 9, 2022  – Athenaeum (in person) – Aeron

• Held a planning mtg July 8th.  Scheduling concerns – it will be a challenge to fit all the court activities.  Will send a draft schedule to the planning group & (n)excellencies in the next day or so.
• Will talk with Etiennette & Margaret re gate, seed money, gate box, etc.
• 44 people registered so far, but between known artisans etc we should hit break even w/o stress.
• mssg in to site-contact to see if we can get onto site Friday afternoon to start setting up tables, and find out if they have accessible wifi. 
• Planning a Laurels of Athenaeum FB group to provide a forum for encouraging laurels to participate & figure out who wants to talk to whom. 
• Morning court will be indoors at 930am – HRM says only 30-45 mins, he’s blocking an hour.  Rotrude will be elevated in the AM. 
• Afternoon court will be outdoors weather willing, it will be a bigger more formal court, including the Baronial transition.
• livestreaming both courts & maybe some roving stuff.

• will put out a volunteer call once he knows when set up will happen.
• Need to amplify the message that you need to pre-reg for food!!! And that prereg will make checking into the event easier in general.

August 26-28, 2022 – Emprise of the Black Lion – Gera and Alianora

• planning continues apace. 
• TRM will not be attending, they have to go to another event. 

• Have insurance, port a potties, deposit check, cabin reservations etc all requested. 
• Will work on a communications blitz this weekend. Flyers will go to AnTir West War.
• Will spin up pre-reg mid July.

• Need to start positioning discussion re cabin availability.  People need to rent cabins in groups with their friends, directly via Penny. 
• This site has a swimming pool.  Might set some swim times to cool off.  Suits required!  There will be breakfast cake. 

• Trail ride on Sunday afternoon via Penny again (for insurance purposes).  Up to 12 people, no flashy or flappy garb that might upset horses. Helmets and boots can be provided.
• Next planning mtg in July TBD

New Business
• Their Royal Majesties have been gifting cups & caps to new SCA participants.[SM1]  It would be great if the Barony could help support that. Maybe purchase some from cool vendors, and donate to Crown.  We should encourage people to make appropriate hats. (maybe a social?) Also could people in the barony please check their cabinets for nice period looking cups/mugs they’re not using anymore.  Ditto hats.  If you have any to donate, please give them to their Nexcellencies. 

• Discussion of 2023 and 2024 events:

We need to think about what we want to do going forward.

“We need to balance the requirement to hold all of the traditional events that give us such a strong sense of identity, the desire to be able to innovate around new events and outreach, and the severe volunteer constraints we have coming back from the pandemic. Hard choices!” – Gera

Please think about Traditional dates (not necessarily tied to specific event), Events we can support with current energy/staffing levels. Required activities (championships, etc.)

Culinary Guild used to need 30 people to do Banquet, between people moving away, and stepping back form the SCA we don’t have anything like that anymore.  Want to start back up with something smaller more like the A&S dinners to see what we CAN still do.  Athenaeum will be our first baby step.  (peasants will return!!!)
Gera – worried that the Barony is likewise shorter on volunteer capacity & just can’t pull off as many events as we have in the past.  So what can we do that’s realistic
Spike – maybe team up with neighbors for shared events?  Especially Demos?
Kerij-e – maybe stagger events, instead of Athenaeum & emprise in one year, alternate?
Gera – Maybe we could do a combined yule feast with neighbors on years guild doesn’t do banquets?
Alianora – we could sponsor activities (prize tournaments, A&S activities, socials) at bigger events like Sept crown or 12th Night or… That gives us a Baronial activity without officially holding an event.  Most event stewards for Crown Events would be happy to have volunteers run an activity at their event.
Spike – wants to make sure we’re doing demos. 
Maybe we could do Arts & Sciences as a Demo? (ala Etienette’s country Fair style A&S many years ago, but open to the public)  and/or pick a couple SMALL events like Fall City & do a booth/parade/demo-y thing of some kind
ACTION ITEM: please could the various members & subgroups of the barony (fighters, guilds, etc) could think about what they think they can realistically make happen over the year. and come back to this conversation next month with ideas & input.  You can also send ideas to Kerij-e

Can you check with Gera. I thought this was for our B/B, not for the Crown. [SM1]