Curia Notes 9/27/2022

Words from Their Excellencies

• Many awards and achievements to/by Madronans recently: 

Rowan of Atherdee – elevated to the Order of the Pelican

Hobbe de Coyners –  Award of arms

Alicia de Bois – Alium Vitae

Rauokinn Eyverska Starradottir – Grace of AnTir and Bountiful Hand

 Isentrude von Osten – Grif de Leon/AoA

Aleanora & Athos, are our new Crown Prince & Princess

• B&B gave many many awards at Emprise, They will post those to our social media lists so they are seen more widely.

• Baronial Progress –Baronial Socials, Baron’s ball, collegium & one of two Yules in December

• Largesse Request – still need largesse.  Only has six items, and has an event this weekend to give stuff to the crown/host barony etc.  Please help!!!

Words from the Seneschal

• note from Society Seneschal – no covid safety measures required by the BoD anymore just the legal disclaimer. 

• Working with their excellencies & exchequer to update event forms to have more info accessible for future event stewards.  Hopes to have a report on that next month. 

• Event retrospective in the works. May be reaching out to former event stewards.

• Updating customary this winter.

• sent in Quarterly report

• Thank you to Simon for running the Heraldic social last month

• Baronial Monday Socials (tentatively 1st and 3rd Mondays)

Oct 3 – Historical Clothing Show and Tell and winter planning! – Gera and Kerij-e hosting

Oct 17 – TBD Clothing focused

Nov 7 – Lucet and spindle class by Gisella.

Nov 21 – Largesse work party – 3-4 tables of teaching people crafts to make things for themselves AND for largesse.

• Call for hosts for future socials – you don’t need to do/teach the thing, if you can be the person coordinating.  Think of it like a mini event.  Games night, book review, classes, whatever.  Kid friendly is a bonus.  Talk to Kerij-e if interested.

Words from the Port de L’eau Seneschal

• Looking at bid for Kingdom AS&R for 2024

• Also now looking at kingdom heraldic & scribal late 2023


Exchequer – Etiennette

• Extending for 1 year – clear support by officers present

• Financial Meeting: we’re currently in the black financially for the year.  Updating bank account signatories.

• will be revisiting Financial Policy as it’s been a few years.

• Officers: please get your proposed budget to her soon so she can propose budget in November.  Please be specific: “I need $50 for ___”

• Thanks to their Excellencies, Steven & Enzio for storage unit clean out.  We no longer need a bigger one!

• Our Baronial Pavilion has sustained more damage.  At $303 per grommet repair (per the recently done repair) is it worth it?  Is $1200 in repairs to an aging pavilion worth while??? Starting to see seam tears.  Canvas is too weak for the strain it takes.  Should we be fundraising for a new pavilion ?  this one is only 7 years old.  Expected lifespan should be much longer, but Panther didn’t care when we reached out to them.

  – there’s other damage to the tent – the ridge pole poked a hole in the ridgeline of the canvas. 

-Do we want commercial coated plastic instead of canvas, something designed to stay up longer.

– This seems like an aberration.  Also problem with ridge & center poles.

-Consensus that we need to replace vs repair.  Exchequer will start pricing options.

-last time paid for with a silent auction to raise $$

A&S – Aeron

• Extending – clear support by officers present.

• wants a deputy to train up

•  largesse – a lot of it goes unclaimed when distributed to event stewards.  Suggested more practical items like pouches, & lacing cords, assorted group projects.  Will post to arrange something.

• with highnesses based in Madrone area, lots of people working on stuff for their reign.  Planning on hosting a bunch of work days (after Great Western War) to help with projects to show them off to their best.  Again will post soon. [Lots of people in barony are working on projects for them if none of Aeron’s project nights work for you, there will be other opportunities.]

•  working on new champion hoods, needs wool donations.  See email soon.

• working w/Rotrude to plan next A&S championship/changeover.

Chatelaine – Tabytha

•  good feedback on focused socials.  People aren’t comfy at vague un-themed things.

Chamberlain – Enzio

•  Had an Inventory and locker cleanup.  Much tidier & cleaned out some unneeded stuff.

Herald – Simon

•  Heraldy Social – went well, talked to a couple folks wanting devices.

• helping a few folks with registration.

• PDL looking at hosting Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal, will be helping with that.

Armored Combat Marshall – Nicklaus

• Extending. Clear support from officers present.

• Great attendance. 

– donations have been lacking at practice despite record attendance. Need to post something to remind people that it’s needful.  Report from financial committee is that we only raised 10% of what the site costs so far this year.  Nick will try to remind people to donate to cover costs.

Rapier Combat Marshall – Temetgen [Don Samuel reporting]

• uptick in new fighters.  Using cones for separating out new folks so they are/feel safe.   High attendance = pressure on the parking & the space. 

• Trying to show new folks that there’s more than just fighting.  A class of just here’s the rules would be useful.  Having gold key show up & talk to them about any help needed pre-events would be great.

• Thinking about publishing a training schedule with theme nights (for heavy & rapiers) wants a sense of if that’s something people would like.  And maybe a newcomers night emphasized once per month. 

Scribe – Lianor [Baron Kit reporting]

• 2nd Wed work-night (Alternates between North and South)

• 3rd Place Books down south is a little small (also parking probs.  Would like a better place if anyone has a suggestion for the south end)

• Next one 10/12 north end 3rd Place Books.

Social Media – Basilius

•  Extending. Clear support from Officers Present

• 15 new people on FB group

•  Kerij-e has requested a list of all Madrone FB groups to share.  If you have a group please make sure the seneschal or Soc Media is a member

Webster – Rowenna

• web is rolling along

• will try to make calendar more active.

• trying to create a new page for activities. 

Chronicler – Eden

•  Newsletter not being taken – need a better distribution system. Suggestions welcome.


Sergeantry – Basilius and Kate

• brainstorming remaining tests

Culinary Guild – Ysolt

• mostly still virtual.  1st Wednesday business/social meeting

• video night will pause for winter

• cookbook pamphlets finally for sale again

Dance – Ranulf

• Dance practice continues.

• Also spontaneous dance at Emprise was wonderful per Her Excellency

Equestrian – Annisa – no report


Emprise of the Black Lion – Gera and Alianora

• 52 adults for the weekend + 15 day-trippers & some kids.  (less than half pre Covid #s)

• $1780 income, Expenses only $1984 (thanks to some generous donations).  Lost $254 but given the numbers, that’s not bad.  Those who did come had a lovely time.

• Per discussion earlier this year, looking at alternating years with Baronial Banquet, but may instead combine with Vulcanfeldt to do an archery/equestrian combo event in Septembers going forward

• site will cost more in future.  She’s been freezing the price for a while…

• Initial event proposal for Athenaeum 2023 from Baron Aeron, gathering staff & momentum.  Moving back to last weekend in June.  [Kerij-e reached out to Lake Wa High School already, and is in contact with their new rental person]

• Call for Event Stewards and Co-Stewards – We’ll train!  Her excellency proposes an event stewarding class to help folks considering volunteering.

On the Kingdom Calendar for 2023:

* Lionhearts Martial Championships – May 6th

* Athenaeum – June 24

* Peasants Revel – July 8

* Harvest Dinner – Oct 28