Curia Notes September 2018

Barony of Madrone Curia September 25, 2018     

Baronial Welcome (B&B) – Hi. Thanks for coming. Something about lost skills. September Crown was beautiful. Alianora was offered a Pelican. Edward the Stuffy got a Lion’s Strength, and Edward the Fluffy. Baroness made a peer’s statement on inclusiveness Eden wrote a great statement on inclusiveness in the Barony. The Baroness shared that with the Noble Estate, with permission to adapt to local use. AnneMary needs to know that event copy is not required. We are excited about the Emprise. We are impressed with the work by the team to adapt to the site change. We still want to have next year’s in Cle Elum.

They need more award recommendations. Check to see if your recommendation is already there. Check your own listing. Once the Kingdom site is updated, we should set the kingdom OP as the ultimate source of updated OP info. Court will be Royal at Emprise.

Seneschal Welcome and Report (Eden) – We will need bids for upcoming events. Marshall Championship, Emprise, etc. We need to plan and reserve sites. We need Autocrats. We need a Youth Armored Combat person

• We have events coming up next year that will need event bids & autocrats so we can start to get our sites reserved:     A&S, Martial Champions, Athenaeum, Emprise, and eventually Baronial Banquet in Spring of 2020.

• Reminder that we need a YAC officer. If you know anyone who might be appropriate please talk to them.

• Exchequer Report (Sarah Pixie) – We need to do paperwork for the bank account to put Tayla on the signature card. She will be back in a week. Jeri needs a check for biffies. We will get checks signed. Etienette needs and advance for Banquet food. Sara got seed money for Emprise gate.
• Bank balances   Checking:  8887.00                                                              Money Mkt:15170.14


Close out


• 11/3 Baronial Banquet 2018: (Anne-Mary)  – Autocrat is out on medical. Things are progressing. (see written report) One class will be intro to shoe making by Master Vincent. Kitchen wants to know about Baronages coming. Vulkanfeld is definite. Shill Banquet at Emprise.

• 9/29 Emprise 2018: (Gera)   – Thanks to all the work for finding the new site. We selected the Granite Falls site. It is not perfect, but will work. It is very pretty. Setup Thursday evening. Help for Friday is appreciated. Gate opens at 3 Friday, until Sunday afternoon. We have a day fee. Closed Friday 11 pmish. Site closes 3 pm Sunday. We hope to be offsite on Sunday before 6. We really need gate help, and scullery help after meals. We need someone to monitor biffies. We need Heralds for lots of things. Setup plan is Thursday biffies and archery, then personal camps. They will lay out the site too. Friday 9 am setting up all the things. Insurance is taken care of. Map is posted. The site is really dark at night. They need Led LIGHTS TO LIGHT PATHWAYS. There will be new signage. 59 planned for lunch, and 50 for dinner. There may be some extras available. Break-even will be 80 camping, and 100 day-trips. It will be very muddy, so wear those shoes. It should be sunny part of the time. We will have the royal pavilion.

Canton of Porte de l’Eau (HL Christopher Hawkins)  – Once a month A&S gathering in Libraries. We folded napkins for Banquet this month. Meetings are now the third Tuesday of every month in this same room.

Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups Guilds:

Culinary (Mistress Ysolt of Wind Hill) – Given by Eden. Guildhead is in Hobbiton without us. She got her officer report in first. Guild is preparing for Banquet. Research is for A&S next year. Meeting is on the third. Cooking on the 6th, where we are doing the fourth course to test. Apricots are popular. Many projects happening all at once. There will be cake for this weekend.

Dance (HL Ranulf/Toivo) Ongoing: 2nd Mondays – written reports

Equestrian (Master Guillaume)  – They are busy. Kerije has reached compulsive list-making. There will be a small tent for the judges. This will be Emprise light

Arts & Sciences   (HE Aeron Corrino) – If you want to teach costuming at Collegium, contact Aaron. There is one easy form on the website. Handouts may be taken into October. For Baronial A&S, Aaron will bid to be Event Steward. He wants to skip the single-period theme for the championship. B&B accept that. Turkish may be in our future in some form

Armored Combat Marshal (Lord Nicklass for Sir Athos Belisarios)  – Turnout at practice excellent. Heavy and Rapier Sold some unused pieces to get money for loaner armor sets.

Chamberlain  (Baron Steven Desjardin)   – Stuff is going in and out of storage. That is working well. Texts send codes. Do we want to organize the unit with storage labels? A box of Bunstable stuff, and we will hold it in storage. Pavilion is not being used after Emprise this year. Tabards may go to Baroness’ War. Gera will be redoing pavilions ropes at some point.

Chatelaine  (Helewisa)

Chronicler  (Lord Nicklaβ Volkheart) – Back copies of meeting minutes are posted now.

Herald (Lord Simon Fisc) – Preparing for Emprise. A couple of consults

Branch & Rapier Marshal (Gallant Katryne MacKim)

Scribe  (HL Madelena al Vieri) – Preparing for Emprise. Work is on track. There are new charters to paint. Sara is holding West Seattle painting nights. She may hold one more central before Banquet.

Webster (Gera) – Meeting location not correct. Please remind Gera of all outdated info you find. Trying to sync event info on all platforms. Kingdom website updates are still very difficult, but a new version is coming. There is pressure from Kingdom to move us to website. The new site will be more functional, so that may be a good idea then. But not earlier. Try to extend current contract for 6 months. Wester & chronicler (newsletter & announcements) & Social Media Deputy are being shared between Gera & Nick, with some help from Rowenna. W will need a warranted Social Media Deputy. Gera is warranted Webster. Nick is Chronicler. Gera may need to be Social Media Deputy. Rowenna may be the Webster in the future, if interested.

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (OPEN)