Curia Notes August 2018

Barony of Madrone Curia August 28, 2018    

Baronial Welcome (B&B) Has been a restful month

Seneschal Welcome and Report (Eden)
• Kapka Room not available for more than an hour for social. We will have to just work with it.
• Need Youth Combat officer.
• Looking for A&S Autocrat. Feb 16, 2019. We need deposit for the site. Voted & approved. Exchequer needs to write a check.

• Gera, in her role as Kingdom Events Deputy, is looking at Meadowbrook Farms for July Coronation.  Meadowbrook is said to be much easier to work with now.  Madrone doesn’t have to run it, there is a potential volunteer available, but she is giving us first option. Kingdom profit model is about to change. Profit would be split among branches helping staff the event, not just the branch which “owns” the property.  We are happy to welcome that event in our territory.  We support the idea, including not providing the Event Steward, given how busy our summer is already.  individuals will volunteer, especially on site.

We are looking at language from B&B and Seneschal to state a value of inclusion. They are working on it.

Exchequer Report (Sarah Pixie)
• Bank balances – Had a Financial Committee meeting. Notes may be posted. Kingdom Exchequer may want to see branch financial policy.

• $15,164.36 in Money Market.  $10915.31 in checking.


• 9/29 Emprise 2018: (Juana for Gera)  

Site is quarantined. We looked at lots of other options. Masonic Park in Granite Falls looks best. They are very receptive. Aquaterra, and all other neighbors, are very receptive. We get that site for the same site cost just for this year. Equestrians are adjusting.

Schedule Changes are needed. We have to loose archery, due to limited space. There are no cabins, and no local hotels. There are flushies, and there is a kitchen. The Team needs to look at the site again. Fridges are old. Site costs are all the same. Budget almost the same. No hay needed for archery. Probably need no biffies. Still checking if the camping is close enough to flushies. We may need the Tilt area to be hay-covered. We may need $200 additional. Barony votes and approves site change and additional expenses discussed.

We have a deposit $150 with original site. Baroness proposes rolling old site deposit on to next year. Proposed and approved by Barony. We are very grateful to Juana for her work above and beyond on this.

We may need to carpool to the new site, as parking is limited.

How will we communicate these changes. We will reopen registration with new info. Online announcements ready, in cooperation with Event Steward. We especially need to communicate with distant people. We can distribute flyers at Crown. Juana will email flyers to Baroness & Etienette. Sara will help with access to documents.

We really need pre-registration to know how many people and camps we have to find space for.

All same contests are planned except archery & thrown weapons.

Arthur Greenleaf can inform archers. Simon will get him the info.

Camping reservations – discussion. Camping may be first-come first-served, with no reservations. That is how Aquaterra handles the site. Horses and RVs must have reservations.

• 11/3 Baronial Banquet 2018: (Anne-Mary) )   We have a banquet permit.  She has check requests. Will coordinate with kitchen head. Crier and website info sent. Feast registration emails going to Sara, starting on the 4th. Ending October 15th. Anyone wanting to teach a class, let her know, Tirzah is displaying and teaching needlepoint. More in October. B&B request a Largesse half-dozen, who can coordinate it?  Nathaniel working on site tokens. Please specify all food allergies with reservations. We cannot accommodate dairy-free with this cuisine.

Need volunteers to fold napkins for Banquet. PdL has a social on Sept 24th at Downtown Bellevue Library. We can do some then.

Verbal Reports from Guilds, Officers, & Subgroups were mostly skipped over to have time for the Emprise discussion.  See written reports below.  

Armored Combat Marshal (Lord Nicklass for Sir Athos Belisarios)  

Loaner armor is collecting well. Still a few items needed.  Please contact Nick if you have anything you can donate. 


 Music and Dance- August

Buon Giorno!

Come ‘statet?

Ongoing music and dance:

Tuesdays- Camp Fromage Party Band Rehearsal

1st Thursday- Eastside dance practice at Master Trahaern and Mistress Janelyn’s

2nd Monday- Westside dance practice at Baronial Social (Kapka)

August 2nd- Eastside dance

Master Trahaern taught and led dance. Four dancers. Music by Ranulf.

August 13th- Westside dance, Baronial social

Master Trahaern taught and led dance. HL Soelig and HL Alen visiting from Aquaterra. Eight dancers. Music by Ranulf.

OT but partly P, August 4-5th, 11-12th, 18-19th: Midsummer Renaissance Faire, Bonney Lake, WA.

English Country dance and some Arbeau bransles taught and led by B.O.O.M. (Benevolent Order of Oceanic Mercenaries); performance of the volta by Victoria Dzenis (as HRM Elizabeth I) and partner. Renaissance music by the Merriwick Minstrels (voice, recorders).

OT but P, August 15th: Mass of the Assumption at Blessed Sacrament (Seattle) included pieces by Palestrina and Monteverdi.

Molto grazie; thank you for your time and attention.

Good luck with your projects, and I hope this finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy.


HL Ranulf Mirthe, JdL

mka Toivo Rovainen

Red Tree Report August 2018

I have not yet had a chance to review the latest Letter from Laurel to see if any Madronans are on it.  If there are any, I’ll post something this week.

I am eagerly and hopefully awaiting a resolution to our Emprise issue so that I can talk up the event again at Crown this weekend.

In service,

Simon Fisc

Red Tree Pursuivant

Scribal Report

Event steward scrolls for Peasants’ Revel and the Emprise of the Black Lion are in progress. Charters are available at Monday practices for anyone who would like to paint. 

Sarra the Brave continues to host painting nights in West Seattle on third Wednesdays from 7 to 9. All are welcome! 

Uptown espresso 

4301 SW Edmunds St

Seattle, Washington 98116


Madelena Vieri

Updates made for upcoming events, standing by for info blasts for emprise. 

Heavy practice: 
Loaner kits coming along well! Have received dozens of donations, in process to make safe and arrange full kits. Current need: vambraces, elbows, demis.  

Nicklaß Volkhart

Chateleine Report

Greetings Eden,

July was another great month for newcomers to the Barony.  Many of our newcomers joined us for July Coronation and  they reported feeling very welcomed.  There’s a great need for newcomer sewing days, and I’m having a hard time offering that with all the other commitments I’ve had this summer, but I was able to do one get together with a newcomer enthusiastic about making his own clothes and having them be historically accurate.  There’s not much more to say at this time.  I think after Crown and Emprise I will push to organize a regular Autumn and Winter newcomer largess project to teach them skills and connect socially.



Dance Report

Greetings to Eden from Trahaearn!

Dance is still happening. No roaming snails have disrupted practices.


Canton practice, July 5: 7 dancers

Baronial social, July 9: 4 dancers

Canton practice, August 2: 4 dancers

Baronial social (outdoors), August 14: 8 dancers

Next activities:

Canton practice, September 6 (1st Thursdays in Kirkland at 7 PM)

Baronial social, September 10 (2nd Mondays in Seattle at 7PM)

Heavy Marshall report

Hi Eden-

I’m sorry for the tardiness, I’m here and should be at practice at my work travel allows.

All is well with no incidents to report.

Please let me know if there is anything I can further assist with.

Sir Athos

Heavy Marshall