Curia Notes 8/23/2022

Words from Their Excellencies of Madrone

  – Baronial Progress:

went to wyewood champions – melted.  Auguste won Rapier championship
Attended autumn war.  Court coordinator’s daughter held up laminated signs with names of awards during court – really cute touch & extends accessiblilty

Upcoming: Emprise, Sept Crown, Collegium & maybe Baron’s Ball.

– Had made a choice to not have formal retinue, but in court at Autumn War it was weird, so will probably ask for pinch hitters as needed. 

– Thinking about how to help newcomers connect to the Barony

– Largesse Requests 1) soliciting donations of caps/cups/pouches for newcomers.  2) Still really need handmade Largesse from Madronans for Largesse exchanges with other branches.  For every largesse piece received at Emprise B&B will give donor a cookie. 

Words from the Baronial Seneschal

  –  submitted quarterly report

– Deputy needed for Seneschal’s office.  Kerij-e’s warrant expires in January.  Intends to extend for a year, but wants to start working with someone to train as a successor for 2024. Contact her with questions

– Kapka office manager changing again. 

Words from the Porte de L’eau Seneschal

– Looking for a site to be able to host Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier Championship.  Once they find a site they’ll need to fill out the event team: Gate Head, royal liaison, etc.

Officers Reports

 Exchequer  – Etienette

                – paid Emprise deposit, NMR for Ath & Kapka for August.

-Just received the paypal check for Athenaeum

 – Baronial Tent repair: corner grommet ripped out & tear on seam next to it.  Took to Canvas Supply in Ballard.  Repaired it for $303.19.  Repair budget is $100, but would like to reimburse for full amount because we would have paid more than that just for shipping back to Panther.  The assembled officers approve.

  – Need to schedule a Financial Meeting:  Sept 15th

                Extending for another year – approved by officers in attendance.

•  A&S – Aeron

                – Forgot to file renewal paperwork in craziness around Pennsic.  Will get it taken care of. 

-Mtg next week w/Barunin re A&S stuff, especially A*S championship.

– First new Scribal get together happened.

– New Kingdom A*S officer just stepped up – will probably change how A&S reporting is done.

– Kerij-e would like to see more about what projects people are doing on our facebook page etc.

•  Chatelaine – Tabytha

                -several emails from new/interested people, Including one interested in Emprise.  Mostly people are still cautious & looking for online resources.

                – has ideas on better retention, especially of younger new people. Will meet w/B&B & Seneschals.

• Chamberlain – Steven

 – Enzio applied to become next chamberlain – officers in attendance approve. 

-Thank you to Steven for many years of service.

 – Inventory scheduled Sept 11 at 10am.  Want to have Financial committee there to approve any decisions.

• Herald – Simon              

– working with one person on a new name & device.  2 newcomers have expressed interest in Heraldry. 

-OP now supports entering preferred pronouns, titles etc.

– Gera says our children’s award “The Sapling” was never registered because of weird heraldic rule, but it turns out we have something similar registered for the “Madrone College of Pages” which has been defunct for several decades, so we will repurpose that device and use “membership” in the College of Pages as the award instead.

• Armored Combat – Nicklaus

– Good attendance. Has loaned out some of the loaner kits to newcomers who are attending regularly.  About to authorize some new folks.

 – No practice Sept 5th

– Updated An Tir Marshal’s Handbook (Rattan Combat) just released. One big change is rawhide wrapping is now forbidden.

• Rapier Marshal – Temetgen

– Rapier going well.  Many are participants in the Reduced Armor Experiment, so if things look odd, don’t worry.

– Don Samuel – wants to put together a Rapier Teaching calendar Maybe a FB  Post to Madrone Rapier Group.

• Scribe – Lianor

-2nd Wednesday Scribal nights – looking for a southend location. 3rd place books worked great for Northend gathering.  (Apparently there’s a 3rd place books down in Seward Park, will check out)

– May need a new Seal matrix, should be well within budget.

-Have a bunch of great new Charters thanks to Adrianna.

• Social Media – Basilius

  11 new people in FB group.

• Web – Rowenna

 -Website doing well, trying to keep up current info on activities.

 – Kerij-e: Request to assemble a list of all Madrone FB groups to share on Web & FB.  Tabby has a starting list. 

• Chronicler – Eden

– Quarterly newsletter The Leaf published.  Continuing to focus towards Newcomers.  Please send any ideas…


• Sergeantry – Basilius and Kate – nothing to report. 

• Culinary Guild – Ysolt – busy, meeting virtually still, working on a project for Emprise & trying to figure out what we can do going forward still concerns around staffing & costs

 • Dance –busy, dance practice at Trahaerns & Janelynns. 

  • Equestrian – Annisa – still no practices. 

  -Tried to arrange for Sergeants to do some training & authorizing pre Emprise but couldn’t make it happen, so AT Emprise.

  – Emprise groundcrew and assistance needed

–  looking at winter projects & recruitments

Events & Activities

• August 2022 – Emprise of the Black Lion – Gera and Alianora

It’s happening!  This Weekend!

forecast is dropping!  Some going out Thursday to start set up early Friday moring when cool

Gate opens at 3, Fri night = bonfire time

Sat all the things fighting archery equestrians, Court at 3 trying to avoid the heat & include daytrippers.

Sunday am = equestrian activities, not sure about Penny’s trail ride. 

Gate will be fixed on Friday & roving Saturday

• Baronial Monday Socials (officially 1st and 3rd Mondays)

                August 1 – Ice-cream Social – Hosted by Gera and Kit – Report: went well, had too much ice-cream.  Several new folks were there & made welcome.

                August 15 – Inkle-weaving – Hosted by Margaret – Report: Went well. Upstairs room not good lighting for detailed work.  BYO lighting for future art focused socials!

                Sept 5 – No practice, no social, Kapka closed for holiday

                Sept 19 – Heraldry Consultation – Kerij-e and Simon hosting

                Oct 3 – Historical Clothing Show and Tell and winter planning! – Gera and Kerij-e hosting

                                Goal is a skin out fashion show of 3-4 common garb types.

                Oct 17 – TBD Clothing focused – help people with patterning, planning etc. or just project night.

                Call for hosts for future socials.  If you have any ideas please contact Kerij-e

•  Please be thinking about Demo ideas (park days, community fairs, conventions, window displays, library displays, something with medieval themed movies coming up, etc.) Please talk to The Seneschal or B&B if you have ideas/are willing to help make a demo happen.  PLEASE Do NOT commit Madrone to activities (especially not weekday activities) without discussing with at LEAST the Seneschal/B&B first, preferably bringing it up at Curia.