Curia Notes July 2018

Barony of Madrone Curia July 24, 2018     

Baronial Welcome (B&B)

Peasants was a great event.  Visitors from Caid brought gifts for the B&B which were duly delivered by their excellencies Peasanty cousins.

Ysolt & Rotrude received Jambes at Athenaeum

An Tir/ West war was a mostly lovely event despite the tragedy that occurred.  In light of that tragedy, His Majesty has decreed that all (non urban?) events need to have a gate hand out with info about how to contact emergency services.

Coronation was lovely but hot.  There were snow cones.

Seneschal Welcome and Report  
• Quarterly Reports due in one week.
• Gera is working on a Customary and Practices of the Barony Document.  If you happen to have an old one or one of the drafts from a previous round please share it.
Sara is working on an event stewards guide.  If you have useful data on how to run specific events (A&S, Emprise, Banquet etc) please share it.

Exchequer Report
• Bank balances as of the end of June $8284.62 in checking.  $15158.58 in Money Market


Business Items:

  • Baronial Social – no response from KapKa manager, may try another outside social (hopefully sans the rain shower)
    • Need a YAC officer.


Close out

  • 6/30  Atheneum Bid (Alianora)  )

Good attendance @200.  17 non members, 5 comps, 3 youth.

$1395.88 profit.  Problem with second extra room.

Feedback has been positive in Survey Charles sent to deisplaying artists

He has some ideas to discuss with the barony.  Still ok to send feedback.

Hospitality table was great.  

• 7/14  Peasants Revel

4 wheels of cheese!  Emma helped shop!

105 people & fed 68

Next year is 40th


  • YMCA demo today.  New YMCA people there did things a bit differently.  Did some fighting, sewing & games. 75 kids, 1st – 6th grades, mostly 1st – 3rd.


  • 9/28-30 Emprise 2018 Bid: (Gera) )   
    lunch & dinner Saturday – megara

Helewise is doing A&S tie-in for pageantry

Baroness Kara et al offered to make a silk banner ofr each Petit Pas participant.  

Registration soon.

Next planning meeting Aug 12th @Gera’s

Crown will attend

  • 11/3 Baronial Banquet 2018: (email from Anne-Mary)

Reservations open after September Crown

If you’re interested in teaching a class please contact Anne-Mary

The meal will contain ALL the butter!

  • Medieval Women’s Choir fundraising event next May would potentially like some nicely dressed people present & displaying A&S.

Canton of Porte de l’Eau  

Shifting meeting time to not be the day before Baronial Curia.
Sven’s event starting earlier to avoid the heat.  7/28 byzantine theme (or Pseudo)


Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups Guilds:

Culinary – many plans

Dance – Ongoing: 2nd Mondays & 1st Thursdays

Equestrian –  meeting Thursday, practice saturday


Arts & Sciences  Aeron bemoans the lack of witchcraft in the barony (the perfect blending of Art & Science in his humble opinion)

Armored Combat – continues Nick working on loaner kits for new folks.  Especially needs Smaller pieces.

Chamberlain – Seneschal received concerns that things are being put away in a disorganized way.  Perhaps a map to show where everything goes posted IN the locker would help???

Chatelaine – Godwin has jumped right in.  More enthusiastic New folks.

Alianora needs to hand off Gold Key management as she has a new SCA job.

Herald – meeting @ July Coronation.  Has someone interested in being deputy

Rapier – continues

Scribe – lots of activity in June.  Sara’s 3rd Wed/West Seattle meetup.  Maybe add another thing in North Bend?

Webster (Gera)  busy – wants to add more photos

Chronicler – send him photos for the site please

Archery – Simon has offered to be our Archery Marshal.  Madroen can share @ Wyeweoods site officially. We need to contribute to costs & help maintain the site.

Youth Armored Combat (OPEN – need a volunteer)

Misc discussions:

  • 1 Seargeantry Candidate.  Need to discuss how to re-invigorate the Sergeantry.
  • Next year’s events.  If we book things on the same dates we will have another extremely busy summer.  Populace in the room indicate that they will support making all those events happen.

Demos early in the season are good for having follow-up events to invite them to.