Curia Notes June 2019

Greetings from their excellences.   

Fall city was a great success, as well as June fair. Thanks to equestrian guild for jousting.
Champions tourney was held, congrats to new champions.

Excited for athenaeum this weekend.

Notes from the Seneschal:  The Confidence polling will take place on July 8th at baronial social.

July 15th: gym will be closed, fighting will be in the park.

Closing: fall city.
6 participants, lot of positive interest. Thanks for all the help!

Closing: lionhearts
42 people attended on sign in. Went off without a hitch.

Checking: 4,322.10
MM: 20,230.27

Event updates

contract signed, insurance paid. First draft of catalogue finished. Site map is ready for printing. Finalizing laurel signups. More volunteers are needed. Setup window 1:30-3:30PM on Friday. Need help with Gate. Will be able to take cards at Gate. 125 people have pre-paid. Schedule note: artisians can show up at 8, laurel meeting is 9. Opening court at 10am, so awards being handed out can be displayed by their artists. 4PM: pack down and royal court.

Peasant’s revel
At the usual place, usual time. Seems to have a lot of interest. Bring cups, bowels, spoons, sunscreen.

Ice cream social for august?
Gera suggests for the social for end of summer. 12th of August. Seems like a good thing to direct newcomers from peasant’s to. Donations of ice cream and tables would be helpful.

STILL going to flying horseshoe! Have a gate head now. A few staff positions still need filling.

Northwest Scarcoma foundation fundraiser.
Looking for participation for a feast fundraiser. Would like “colorful” participants to join in. Downtown Seattle. October 19th.   No-one is available to spearhead this project though several would be willing to “show up & look pretty” on the day of…

12th night 2021.
Might be thinking about putting together a bid, looking for hotel options. Might be able to partner with Wyewood and provide leadership.  Would need an event steward. Wywood needs to discuss more details. Contact Gera if interested in helping out.

Officer reports

PDL: Low key, pretty busy with other things.

Dance: Continues. PDL July 4th practice moved to June 27th

Equesterian: Meeting coming up 27th.  June fair went well. RAINN tourney at west war to raise funds.

Scribal: continues, ready for the weekend. Paint night on 3rd wed. continues.

Culinary: Cooking every night.

A&S: No injuries.

Armored: New knight! New fighters.

Chamberlan: ready for the weekend

Gold key: facebook message out for the weekend.

Herald: New devices passed. Rejoicing!  Waiting on a few more, should have more info next month. Released the heraldry for now defunct college of pages.

Chronicler: nothing to report

Webster: no injuries.

Social: dusted off twitter account.

Rapier: have more helmets for loaner gear!

New tweaks to be in accordance with kingdom law. Questions or concerns
Etoile- spelling question. Which one is correct?
Gender neutral language for baron/baroness? Possible alternative titles.
Question about euqesterian: must have at least one warranted marshel.
Approved by kingdom!

Pulling together a bid for baronial banquet, A&S. how do we want to break out the possibly two events?
Currently on an 18 month cycle, okay with keeping champions for that long. Gathering judges and competitors is challenging. Making it more accessible would be helpful. Idea: championships held as part of the day of banquet. More casual and open, lower requirements from judges. 
Do we need to have the competitors sitting with their display? (makes it difficult for people who are working in the kitchen to compete)