Curia Notes May 2018

Barony of Madrone Curia May 22, 2018

Baronial Welcome (B&B) Baron is sitting on a bucket. Still very tired. Thanks to all Madronans working at May Crown. Elevation went well. June and July are very busy for our branch.

Someone saw a bear. Leith and Athos made it far in the Crown lists. There were 58 in the lists. Sir Raoukinn was made a Lion.

Seneschal Welcome and Report (Eden)
• We as a group agreed to hold a LOT of activities this Summer, so please remember to support them to the best of your abilities.

  • Neighboring Branches notified about out posting policy on the Facebook page
    • Thank you to Emma stepping down as exchequer, and Sarah Pixie stepping up! Officers please stick around to sign the Change form…

Exchequer Report (Sarah Pixie)
• Bank balances

  • Updated Financial Policy/PayPal Policy? Fin Committee has reviewed and commented. Kingdom needs to do that too. Hope it will be up to date next month. Only big change allows Pay Pal. We will want that for the Emprise. Anyone who wants a copy of the Financial Policy, ask Emma or Sarah. We will not pay the school for tonight’s meeting, so they need to send a revised invoice.

New Exchequer email is

Financial Books reviewed on May 12th. We passed, with a commendation. Thanks to predecessors. Small errors already fixed

We pass the hat.

Bank Balance $8977.79. Money mkt $15,147.21

Will do account signature card changes in July. And change bank contact info.

We never paid the A&S church last year’s site fee. We owe the church the money. We will pay that tonight.

Business Items:

  •  Remember that this is our last month here. Next month at Crossroads Mall community Center. Looking for refund this month’s

  • need transport for Baronial Pavilion to July Coronation
    Thanks to Gera who usually transports it for us.


Close out • A&S Madelena   Sent financials last month 101 through gate. We made money, $372.29. got security deposit back. They still like it.


  • 6/9 Fall City Days Demo – Raphael – Looking for participants. The Facebook page has a poll to sign up for the booth. Still needing set-up staff. Emma and Rowenna can do that. They are the first shift. Event is June 9th. Banners encouraged. There will be armor to try on. Raph will get there about 8 and dump stuff off and keep driving. Parade is somewhere between 11 and 1.
  • 6/16/18 Madrone Champions Bid (Juana)   We need to limit pop-ups. 4 10×10 popups would be good. 1 folding table planned. Culinary Guild will set up a display, and may bring tables. Needs lists, for both rapier & heavy, Gera volunteers. Juana will be there at 9 am. Tournaments about 11, consecutively. Court about 2-3. More concrete schedule will be published. Sean will be MIC. The Baron has a plan for Eric ropes. Sara will herald the fighting. Also Simon will herald. Gera has lists paperwork. All bring pretty display banners. People will bring sandwich boards. Sara will then take them to Athaneum. And then return them to storage. Pdl had double Eric ropes. Baron says that is standard.
  • 6/30  Atheneum Bid (Alianora)  ) There is a slight change of room within the same site. Price might be a bit lower. We need a revised contract. Now can do site layout. Will need seed money for gate next month.

  • 7/14  Peasants Revel Planning is afoot. Peasants are rioting. Event is on Bastille day. French soup and food planned. We need a deputy for cheese call-out email. We need an email for cheese.  This is a good event for newbies. We need a flier to hand out at upcoming demos to lead to Peasant’s.
  • 9/29 Emprise 2018 Bid: (Gera) )   Updated budget. Equestrian and archers are expensive. Added column for 2018 adjustments. Jousting tips added. Increase to cost of targets for archers. Site copy cost is smaller. Will be more town cry and bulletin boards. So we need re-approval. Group approval. Pewter token cost has been paid to Morgan Donner. Tokens are already made and painted. Staffing – lots of good. Still need waterbearing coordinator. Hoping Ro will do lists. Need land management and schedule mgt people. Need PAS layout & judges. They may have a dinner. They have a kitchen. Looking to integrate A&S. Décor stenciling plans. Sara has talked to Kingdom about PayPal plans. Website info is happening. No 8 am meetings.

Next meeting may be July 1. Working on infrastructure plans.

  • 11/3 Baronial Banquet 2018:    

Anne Mary: Distributes proposed budget. Full weekend fee is site + feast. Event is 3 November 2018. Estimated income is a typo and will be fixed. Based on last year’s numbers. Not much is changing. Day fee is $12, not $10. Planning to use Pay Pal for reservations, not at the door. Insurance? Still checking with the site on what they need. The request will be in on time. $30 for decorations. One correction on where an amount is recorded. Youth fee is feast fee, not site fee. Discussion of planning for comps. With those corrections, Financial Committee likes it. General approval. Banquet menu is set. Any food allergies/issues MUST be reports at reservation time. No adjustments will be made at the event. Dairy cannot be eliminated. This will be announced well in advance. Off-board is not provided a seat at the feast. General approval. Event approved.

Gera will do gate. They will plan to do PayPal. Etienette will help. They will coordinate with Sarah Pixie.

Canton of Porte de l’Eau (9/18)(HL Christopher Hawkins)  Porte de l’Eau has this Sven thing. July 28th we are picnicking with him in the park. Byzantine menu for a small donation. Battle croquet. Theme is tropical. Two costume contests. One with real documentation. One with made-up documentation. There might be shaved ice (Turkish). 11ish to late afternoon.

Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups Guilds:

Armored Combat Marshal (Nick reporting for Sir Athos) Nick says there have been new fighters using loaner armor. Lots of Madrone fighters at crown.

Chamberlain (4/19) (Baron Steven Desjardin) New lock on storage unit. He has the code for those who need it. Let Steven know if things need to come back. We may need more ropes for the pavilion. Probably a check-up inventory after Emprise. We may be able to get rid of some stuff. Display cases perhaps. Discussion ensues.

Chatelaine (Helewisa) 5 new people in May. Encouraged to come to new demo. Tayla suggested a business card template. Sara is working on a card design based on Wastekeep’s. Chatelaine is planning a ¼ sheet flyer.

Chronicler (Lord Nickleβ Volkheart) Event copy up. Need more detail. Looking at photography storage and links. Possibly will be a Dropbox.

Herald (Lord Simon Fisc) No Madrone registrations this month.

Branch & Rapier Marshal (Baron Enzio for Gallant Katryne MacKim) People fight. No deaths to report.

Scribe (HL Madelena al Vieri) Planning painting. Let her know if you are interested

Webster (Gera)   Some new stuff. Put in history, by Rowenna. New email addresses are in place.

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (??) There was a youth practice at Leith’s in Woodinville. New fighter from Everett is coming every time. Very excited. Position is open.

Culinary (Mistress Ysolt of Wind Hill) Peasants coming up. Displaying at Champion’s event. July meeting is the last Wed in June, not July 4. Planned upcoming displays. Kingdom Feast too close to Banquet. Could we host it some year? Discussed possible sites. Next time 2020.

Dance (HL Ranulf/Toivo) Ongoing: 2nd Mondays Reports from both Trahearn and Ranulf.

Equestrian (Master Guillaume)  Next meeting Thursday in Issaquah. Summits event in May-end has lots of people going. Practice is on June 23rd.

Arts & Sciences (HE Aeron Corrino) He emailed the report. Please tell him about any A&S stuff you are doing.