Curia notes April 2019

Curia notes 4/23

Greetings from their excellences

Upcoming events:

Woman’s choir demo

Fall city days: Come out if you can, bring hands-on stuff to demo.


Bid copy updated presented, including update to day trip fee. The site is locked in, will need to sign updated agreement. Culinary guild will be too busy, site has modern cooking facilities.  Someone needed to run gate.


Updates! 82 exhibitors signed up, 21 laurels committed

Updates to costs: $80 for a custodian, $50 for comps. The crier made a mistake on the date, but announcements on correct date were made on all social media.

Lionhearts: June 15th! Coming together very well, based on last year’s plan as a public demo. Gathering guild commitments for displays. Facebook event is up!

Canton: Yearly event planning underway (nov. 2nd) croquet?

Peasant’s revel: 40th year, so planning extra special fun and games. No soup fee this year.

Culinary guild:
some members at culinary symposium. No date set yet for next banquet.

waiting on deposit check coming back from the church. Presenting ground plan for Athenaeum.

Fighting continues

Storage unit safe and secure

Chadalane had a busy month, lots of new inquiries.

Gold key: catalogued and put online! Some offers for new garb for gold key.

Herald: quiet month

Chronicler: working on quarterly flyer.

Scribe: things going well, on schedule. 3rd Wednesday continues.

Webster: Possible to move forms/reports online?

Dance continues

Social media: working on Twitter accounts, maintaining central credentials.

Equestrian continues

New business:
May crown 2020: Moses lake site might work, left message with the fairground guy to check date avilliabity.  Area is king’s land, no checking with local barony. Have people for MIC, still need someone for gate. Expenses should be similar as last time, might need to re-arrange the layout.
Because this is a kingdom event, does gate have to be approved by kingdom exchequer? Yes.
Will this put too much stress on our summer activities? Pushing back to later in the summer?


Checking: 4,654.63

MM: 20,215.10

Books balance!

Review of the new policies and Traditions

Changed little details to bring into alignment with kingdom law, larger details for modern conventions.
Needs added info in the glossery. (warranted?) must be defined.
Should feedback proceed before the next draft? Finding info for anything requiring for signifagent discussion, will be posted in full version if no major changes in content required.
Needed to discuss: Polling selection process. Previously candidates were nominated by others. Might’ve cut down on possible options. Belief is that volunteers would be best. If we move to a volunteers, please tell your choice that they should put their names in.
5.3.6 references a section that does not exist.
6.1: does it refer only to greater officers? Edit made to 6- to note that required officers need to be warranted. Further discussion on updating the terminology around the difference between greater and lesser offices. Contingency officers should be identified and trained.
Updating terminology in 6.3 to “nominated” officer.