Curia Notes March 2019

Curia notes 3/26
Greetings from their excellences
Congrats to new A&S and bardic champs.
From the Seneschal:
Thanks to Joel for handling the change of schedule.
Lady Maude rescheduled for next baronial social on the 8 th . As the co-chair of An Tir’s Equity,
Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Maude is coming to speak with us about how to make our game
more equitable and welcoming. I would ask that the Martial and Dance groups, who will of course
be continuing their usual practices at KAPKA that night not schedule any Special activities that
conflict that evening. I hope as many of you as possible will join us.

Money report:
Checking $5,910.54
MM $20,207.40
Sunday April 14 h : baronial financial meeting. (tentative)
A&S champs summation from Joel:
63 at dinner, 16 event attendees. 79 total. $1294 take. Site cut a deal, reduced to $550. Adjusting for
insurance, $120 in the black.
Suggestion to roll baronial A&S into athenaeum? Concern that both events felt “full” from the PoV of
the baron/baroness, would be difficult to schedule all requirements. Issues with “diluting” the purpose
of Athenaeum. Discussion over the process of selecting champions, possible changing to “ambassador?”
Arts events in late winter still wanted, by a show of hands.

Fall city days demo:
Paperwork going in, planning on walking in the parade, numbers allowing.
visited the site, looks great. Layout almost ready. Already full on exhibitors. Need more laurels if we
want to expand the number of participates. Lunch and display planned. Lots of parking. PayPal will be
ready for both pre-reg and at the gate. Paperwork will be sorted soon. Might still have a issue with the
number of tables, question on numbers. Needs to manage setting up a ready room. Pre-reg will be up
for the general populace ASAP. Doesn’t appear to be an issue with weapons. Approved motion to spend
more if tables are needed.

Moving along well. No option for music permit, still working on how to set up the eric.
Event bid handed out. Sep-27-29 proposed dates. Concerns about plagues of frogs. Wood knocked.
Hoping to use flying horseshoe ranch this year. Deposit has transferred forward. Bids in for biffies.
Reminder to keep site clean. Insurance certificate in process. Budget projected from previous emprise
events. $5080 net income, approx. profit anticipated- $930. Proposed adjusting day fee to $15,
consensus agreed.

PDL: No picnic in the park this year, might have another event
Guilds: Dance group might host a big dance weekend,
Equestrian: Practice had 5 riders. 2 new qualified.
A&S: no news beyond events
Culinary: still recovering. Projects coming up. Info upcoming.
Fighting continues
Chamberlin: nothing to report. Change lock number soon?
Chateleine: one newcomer at A&S, have a new handout. Would like to buy some storage bins. Show of
hands approval for buying storage.
Herald: Warrant coming up in May, happy to continue. Barony happy to have him continue
Scribe: Lots of awards this weekend. Back on track for charters. Looking to assign originals. 3 rd
Wednesday becoming popular.
Social media: We have a mailing list! New Email list is going to work!
Webster: no injuries. Website being updated. Site traffic is up. Looking for images to spice up webpage.
Chronicler: need a more formal “newsletter” to checkbox that we have a newsletter for Corpora…