Curia notes September 2019

Greetings from Their Excellencies.


Grand time at Crown.

Thank you to Gera and Kit for bringing the pavilion. Sir Brand for helping take down the pavilion.

Be ready to support your friends at Emprise. Looking for Royal retinue, ground crew.

Feedback requested on the PDL Port Chalice award, please get feedback to their excellencies.

Need a deputy seneschal and to fill the outgoing chronicler role. Also need a deputy exchequer.

Baronial social is coming up on the 2nd Monday. Will have an event steward class. November will have a flower crown making class.

Exchequer is out, numbers reported to curia:
Checking: $8,311.09
MM: $20,253.18


No close outs


Wear warm clothes. So many games! Breakfast cake with baroness on Sunday. Meeting for setup at 10am. Gate opens at 3. In need of gate volunteers and royal retinue.

Sven’s Harvest

Porte de L’Eau is hosing a contest in Battle croquet!

Enter your wicket design to possibly win a prize!

Seneschal training

There will be an administrative, day-long training to help people prepare for admin roles. RSVP on the kingdom calendar or the Facebook page. NOV 17th.

February Tavern event

Feb 22, 2020
Will finalize bid for mead hall idea next month. 

Baronial Banquet/A&S/Bardic

April 18th at Scottish rite. Extending the roman theme of the banquet into more stuff around the event.
A&S will be a display rather than scheduled judging. Roman garb workshops leading up to the event?

Proposals for Lionhearts needed

Planning on moving the date to May 9 in order to move it further away from other events.

Need an event steward for Emprise of the Black Lion

12th night 2021

Twelfth Night Coronation 2021 will be held at DoubleTree in SeaTac. There will be room for everyone!
Half cost for parking for attendees without rooms. We have begun to assemble staff.  Please volunteer from Madrone, many people from Wyewood have already stepped up. Laurels Road Show in one of the rooms? Plans for that.


Culinary: working on roman food, Transylvanian?

Equestrian: practice went well and was wet.

Heavy Marshal: fighting proceeds.

Chatelaine: collage of St.Bunstable might be up and running again with Shay Combs organizing! Plans for engaging new members from campus. Possible to run finances through the barony since colleges might have high turn overs of exchequers?

Gold key: Organized remaining donations. Have a request for garb at emprise.

Chronicler: newsletter ready to go, just need to finish up outline

Herald: will be emprise

Rapier: continues

Social Media: Instagram page is up! Link added to facebook and webpage.

Webster: website updates are up to date.

Collecting addresses for official barony events to make a map.