Curia Notes February 2019

Curia notes 2/26/19

Greetings from their excellencies.

Again looking forward to A&S.

Attending kingdom A&S and queen’s rapier. Progress has been published for this year.

March social- equality and inclusion talk.


Balance: 6,575.58

MM: 20,200.44

End of year report filed. Slight inconsistences with asset list. May require revised report.

A&S update

Things going “pleasantly well.” May pick up new people, make a wash in regards to cancellations. Added a judge, added a new bardic contestant. No changes to schedule at this point.

Meeting with the sargentry

Small A&S demo planned, pilgrim theme.

June 15th marshal championships.

Same location, guild demos. Looking to set up children’s demo. Seeking volunteer. More flyers would be good, volunteer requested for them.

Fall city demo is the week before.

Lionhearts? Lion’s hearts? General debate. Settled on “Lionhearts.”

Anthanaiam– new site, bids distributed with updated info.

Individual updates:

PDL: Going along, no date for autumn event yet.

Equestrian: inclement weather preventing practice this month. Meetings continue, practices mapped.

Culinary guild planning for new A&S date

Peasent’s revel. 40th annual!

Fighting continues, new faces at heavy practice. 

Webster: billing change, may be shifting servers in the next year.

Social media: MeetUp account, question if we should continue it.  Decision made to drop account. 

Google groups email list: privacy settings, post moderation. Seemed to run well before, baroness suggests an open setting for email list. Discussed process for moderation and setup.