Curia Notes November 2018

Notes from 11/27/18

Greetings from their excellences.

New award! (at feast) Red Mantle. Premier recipients are Gera Gangolffin and Sarra the Brave.

Twelfth Night will be the next baronial event.

Encouraged to come up with ideas for Yule feasts for off banquet years.

Baronial social coming up 2nd Monday, change to a festive Yule party?

Events: bids needed
Marshal Championship
Emprise (needs autocrat)
Baronal banquet 2020 (autocrat)

Still need a Youth Armored Combat officer.


Proposed budget shared, no concerns.

December curia canceled, (on Christmas)

2019 budget approved

Quarterly financial meeting on December 11th

Bank funds $15,181.53

Checking  $9,203.41

Question to move money out of money market to checking, possibly in anticipation of a bid on a kingdom level event. Tabled as plans for events are explored. Move money back to money market since no major events planned for 2019?
$5000 moved back to MM. 

Possibly bidding on 12th night 2021? High profit event/questions on profitability for large urban areas.

Upcoming events

A&S: “humming along” no major issues. Judge requests going out soon. More competitors needed. (only 2 so far) Scale for a smaller level event to encourage participation.

PDL: Not holding a meeting next month. Yule party, new years eve eve eve. 29th of DC

Officer reports

Social event staff breakoff
Social media deputy, Webster roles better defined. Gera outlines social media road map from a kingdom level standpoint.  Explored issues with facebook group and event sharing. New policy: Every barony has a facebook page for events, a group for conversation. Established a page to comply with kingdom policy. Discussed ways to break out the two entities to reduce confusion.  Other social channels? Meetup? Twitter? Discussed options, pros/cons.

Heavy/Rapier: 24th and 31st barony fight practice is canceled. Doors will be locked.

A&S: nothing new to report

Culinary: hard at work for A&S, Meeting on the 5th. No meeting in Jan.

Gold Key officer seeking to pass the task off. Looking for a new officeholder.