Curia Notes November 2019

Their Excellencies: changed financial policy to approve stuff a little earlier but turnout is light. Proposal to start budget process earlier next year in order to approve on our November social night. 

Attended Aquaterra feast, and our own Lord Armin was chef of a great Norse feast. Heading to DragonsLaire Yule on Dec 14th, then 12th Night, & Ursulmas.

Proposal: Baronial purchase of Drusa’s kneeling bench (helpful for those with limited mobility) at $500-600, depending on wood choice. Challenges: cost, additional decorating, storage location. Does this need to be single-branch or could one be shared among branches? Possibly Wyewood? A wider version might be more useful but heavier and harder to move around. Also useful as a gracious guest bench. Could be funded via a silent auction at Banquet/A&S. We’ll reach out re: deposit. Rapheal the Rogue will front the deposit money, if needed.  Further discussion in January

Related: discussion of creating community benches for baronial events with a work party. Even a director’s chair might work with an appropriate drape/signage.

Next year’s events will be a full slate of activities for the barony.

Seneschal: needs a deputy badly. Warrant up in Jan, has offered a 1-year extension.

December social – casual Yule, cookies, snacks.

January social – cancelled, but dancers can still dance as they are downstairs.  (Kapka has been informed that we don’t need the upstairs room for that evening)

February social – Roman costuming night

March social – painted banners

Let’s re-evaluate whether social is being attended or needed at that point.

Events 2020

Jan 16 – 18 (approx.) Gold Key Swap w/ College of St Bunstable. On HUB lawn, with fighter demo taking place earlier in the week. Shay will be working w/ club coordinator to reserve space. Her Excellency recommends hats and hoods as a way to draw people in.

Feb 22 – Raging Rogue’s Tavern – Rapheal.   Interior is lovely. No fireplace but there is a modern furnace. There will be festive hangings, we can bring our own hangings. Large common room, two kitchens, serving area, stage, fireplace out back, also a child seclusion house.  Two regular restrooms plus a family restroom. Camping is available at other times of year. 16 8-foot tables, plenty of chairs. Need to add NMR fee to expense section. Need to change youth fee to soup/feast ticket fee. Stuart will be firemaster, with s’mores potential. Admission will include basic meal, but feel free to bring other roadside tavern offerings. Patrick Fletcher is interested in coming up. Needs a gate head for his event.

April 9-12 – Possible Norwescon demo – Mecia has offered to be coordinator. Participants would need a badge.   Actually in Wyewood, so B&B will coordinate with them & see if they are doing a demo or want to work together or…

April 18 – Baronial Banquet/A&S – Tabby.   Margaret is gate head, FB page is a go, Basilius is social media point person, etc. Plans to meet with people over the next month re: event details. Aeron asks whether previous champions or Laurels can compete: yes. Focus is on how we hope to champion arts in the barony.

May 9 – Lionhearts in the Park – Kit/Christopher MacEveny. Steven Desjardin will be MIC, Mecia Reposa will be Rapier MIC. Discuss several site options and select Crossroads Park in Bellevue, easy restroom access and parking.  Still not planning for stakes in the ground, so need solution for erics. Needs a ‘gate head’ / info table. Bring signs, brochures, etc.

June 27 Athenaeum – still looking for a site

July 11 – Peasants Revel

Aug 28 – 30 Emprise – has finances worked up but will defer discussion until January curia.


PdL – Chalice award recipient wasn’t at event.

St. Bunstable – Need 3 officers, 5 paid members. So far the have 4. We have other affiliated folks, and demo in January. Once there are 5 members, we need to do paperwork to get college back out of abeyance. Would like to have pronoun pins. Want to have a broader trans sensitivity discussion.

Webster – monthly to yearly bill transition. This way we don’t have CC payments. Defer decision on moving to kingdom platform until various technical questions are answered.

Equestrian guild – has practices set up for 2020, setting Christmas party date, putting together insurance request for next year.

Exchequer: also needs a deputy badly, warrant up in May.
As of Oct 31:
MM – $20,268.38
Ck – $6,470.67
Financial committee meeting is called for Jan 28, 2020 at 6:15 prior to curia.

Budget discussion:

Paypal donations are now allowed.  Details coming “soon”.

Budget for 2019 is positive, but only barely. Budget for 2020 is negative, and donations will be key in keeping us balanced. Baroness Bergdis will be spearheading the donation pledge drive. Licensed gear images can also be a small fundraiser.