Curia Notes 10/25/22

Agenda for October 25 2022 Curia


Words from Their Excellencies – Barunin Gera Gangolffin and Barun Christopher MacEveny

• Attended Baron’s Ball.  They were the only B&B who processed with a feline 😀
• Reminder to please not accept demo requests until you know you have volunteers to make it happen, [Also, always run them by the Seneschal first] but yay demos!
Changes to the Sergeantry coming soon. 

• Baronial Progress:
     Tir Righ coronet – Saturday only

     Collegium – Saturday only

     Glym mere Yule – teaching a class

• Re Retinue: they don’t want anything formal, but would welcome volunteers to join them as companions & friends so they don’t look unattended at events.

• Largesse – B&B receive those from other groups & share withing Madrone, also need work from Madronans to share out to other groups in return.  Still Desperate for small handmade items.  Please contact B&B if you can help.  Nov 21st will have a Largess making party at Monday Social.

Words from Seneschal – Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e

• Thank you to all officers who renewed. Paperwork is in process.

• Kerij-e’s warrant expries in January, would like to continue, but needs to start training a replacement deputy.  Please contact her if you are interested.

• Dec meeting – yes it will happen. We need to get 2nd discussions on some events

• the Financial Committee is working on updating event forms to simplify everything into one place.

Words from the Porte de L’eau Seneschal – Margaret Palmer (Ysolt reporting)

• The Canton is planning 2 events next year, one small local event & one for the Kingdom. 
• Also looking at a Kingdom event in 2024. 
• Will skip their December meeting, but will do a Holiday Party of some kind instead.

Baronial Officers

Exchequer  – Etienette de Montagne  
• We still have money
• Sent in Q3 report. 

Arts & Sciences Minister – Aeron Corrino

• Plans afoot on various projects.  No dead bodies to report, no alibis required.

Chatelaine – Tabytha Morgan – no report

Chamberlain – Enzio Bandinelli

• We have stuff – no injuries to report.

Herald – Simon Fisc

• Margaret Palmer’s Badge passed.

• Several Madronans have devices in progress.

Armored Combat Marshall – Nicklaß Volkhart (Kit & Kerij-e reporting)

• Will have practice on Halloween.

• Fighter Practice has lots of people, Yay!

Rapier Marshal – Temetgen de Worde (Kate MacKim reporting)

• Rapier is fine, no injuries to report. 
• Several new people attending, including some youngsters.

Scribe – Lianor Pereira do Valle/Kate MacKim

• Some new scroll designs available. 
• People are coming to scribal nights, yay.
• November Scribal Night will be at Crossroads in the Food Court. 
• Looking for more people to design charters.
• Purchased some supplies, will submit receipts.
• Need a new matrix/seal, will submit quotes for replacement.  $25-50.  Will keep the old one as a memento.

Social Mediator – Basilius Fuchs

• No new people on the FB groups this month.

• Kerij-e: Facebook is getting worse about showing our announcement posts.  Will be encouraging people to use the email list again, because FB isn’t working well.  If anyone has other suggestions on how to make sure our announcements reach everyone, please reach out to Kerij-e.
Also always check the Webpage because Rowenna keeps that well updated!

Webster – Rowenna de Manning

• Has updated the Baronial Calendar, added teasers for the Socials etc.
• Made the “please donate” buttons even bigger
• Working on newcomers page.
• updating Athenaeum site plug-ins.
• Will have some budget requests next month.

Chronicler – Eden of Lionsguard
• had been publishing paper editions of The Leaf as well as the electronic version, but they don’t get taken so switching back to electronic only.
• Ysolt will kindly fill in at Curia for November & December, but Eden will be available online.
• posted Curia minutes to website.


Sergeantry – Basilius Fuchs and Emma la rousse d’Argentan
• as Her excellency said, they are working on new plans

• no injuries to report 

Culinary Guild – Ysolt Tayler of Windhill

• Still largely meeting online. 
• Video Night – wrapping up current series they’ve been watching on the history of beverages, will start something new in February.
• Looking at doing a Baronial Social presentation in January

Dance – Ranulf Mirthe/Trahaern ap Ieuan

• Thurs 10/6 dance at Trahaern & Janelynn’s was well attended

Equestrian – Anissa Gabrielli – no report

Events and Socials

Baronial Socials  (tentatively 1st and 3rd Mondays)
Oct 3rd Fashion Show.  Pretty, but not well attended.  The Barunin would love to put pics from that night into a Web Page Post.
Oct 17th Beginning handsewing class – 8 new folks attended.

Nov 7 – Lucette and spindle class by Giselle.

Nov 21 – Barunin’s Largesse work party – 3-4 tables of teaching people crafts to make things for themselves AND for largesse.  Also if you have any Largesse to donate, that’s an easy opportunity to bring it to her.

Dec 5 – TBD volunteer/theme needed

Dec 19 – Cookie Decorating.  Gera hosting

 January – Trying to get some Guild activities scheduled.

– Also discussing doing some Socials not at Fighter Practice to see if more people can attend, because the new fighter folks want to fight on Mondays of course, and maybe some classes for fighters about non martial aspects of fighting (armor repair, paperwork etc)

Athenaeum  (After an offline discussion by interested parties, there has been a change from the previous event proposal for next year’s Athenaeum)
Spike presents a 1st formal bid to be the Event Steward and hold the event again at Lake Wa High School on June 24 2023. Aeron will lead working with the Artisans. The Culinary Guild will look at making a lunch. Ysolt will head up pre-reg.  Simon will be gate/paypal head.  Spike will be the contact for the Laurels.

– Much like this year, both Laurels & Non-Laurels will be able to present. 

-Costs will be slightly higher than last year, so using Aeron’s budget #s estimates from last year with minor adjustments.  Projecting attendance at 170 & setting breakeven at 115.  Will open to as many as 70 exhibitors.

Date comment: They know that weekend has challenges (as well as good points) They’re open to changing the weekend for 2024, but not for 2023.  If you have helpful suggestions for other dates feel free to share them with Spike/the Athenaeum team for future consideration. 

Rogue Tavern – Feb 25th 2023 – Initial discussion: Are people interested in doing it again? same costs expected as last two years.  Sufficient interest to make a formal bid next month.

Call for Event Stewards and Co-Stewards – We’ll train!
On the Kingdom Event Schedule for 2023 (Date reservation forms sent, no Event Stewards yet):

                * Lionhearts Martial Championships – May 6th

                * Athenaeum  – June 24 (event Bid in process…)

                * Peasants Revel – July 8 (Culinary Guild will run as always)

                * Harvest Dinner – Oct 29

New Business:
• Discussion of whether we should post event bids (sans $) to FB & email to solicit more feedback. Yes.

• Adrian Hawkins asks about the possibility of having camping events with room for Merchants in Madrone, which we would love to do, but the expensive real estate of central King County continues to be a challenge.  As always if anyone knows of an affordable site, PLEASE contact the seneschal.

• Spike did an online sewing class – will post a link when available.