Curia Notes October 2018

Madrone Business Meeting 10/23/18


We had an event – went well – made site work. Congratulations to champions Simon and Guillaume.

We should consider borrowing the Tri baronial Yule concept rather than multiple regional Yule events next year?


Church is giving us the social/meeting space on 2nd Mon until 9pm going forward.  Yay!

Need bids for:

  • Martial championships June 15 2019
  • Athenaeum June 29 2019
  • Emprise Sept 28? 2019
  • Yule with the neighbors??? Winter 2019
  • Banquet April? 2020

Still Need a youth armored combat officer

Voted to continue using Crossroads mall space. (Please note that PDL does have to pay for it as a second meeting per month – but it’s minimal.)

Dec 25 is 4th Tues of Dec. We will make a final decision next month, but will likely skip Dec curia?   If not PDL is offering us their 3rd Tues instead in the same location.



Checking: $6,926.15

Money Market: $15,175.74

Budget:  We have approximately $6575/year in expenses. Primarily from the Kapka/Fight Practice and storage unit rental. We have an estimated income of $5880 in donations this year, which leaves us in the negative and need to address that.  We are including no event income in that estimate, because it varies so much year to year.

If anyone (officers, guilds etc) needs changes made, please provide input.

It would be helpful to see last year’s budget for comparison.

Suggestion re funding: We could switch to asking for Pledges rather than donation boxes & event fees. Public radio model. People tend to give money when they are asked.  We had 92 paid members at last polling – so calculate any sort of pledge drive around that number. A patron token is a nice idea – but ranking beyond that is not necessary.

We could remind people via annual donation request with every event and general announcement on social media.
Not everyone realizes that $0 of their membership fees come back to the barony.







Emprise closeout

Sep 28-20, 2018 – Emprise of the Black Lion –Many people pulled together and scrambled to find a new site that would fit the equestrian & camping needs, over the course of one weekend, and then to map out the new site & re-plan all the activities within the new location’s constraints.   Huge thanks are due to our neighbors in Aquaterra who helped us find the new site & work with the owners.  Event went very well overall thanks to all the people helping out.

Through gate: 183 adults, including comps.  (76 were weekenders, 104 day only) 22 children, plus @20 scouts

Baronial banquet – Nov 3, 2018

Planning is on schedule.   Site tokens will be ready.
Scheduling: 2 classes at 11, sewing leather w/ boar bristle, embroidery, Giselle volunteers a lucet class as well.

Court at 4, dinner at 6. Court will be about an hour. Do we want to have a processional? Would that be better done in a different space/time? Hall setup and dinner processional around the room?

Gate open 10am to 4pm

Registration numbers currently 79

Off board seating?  The plan had originally been No because of the limited space at this site and confusion that it creates. Inclusiveness of those who want to stay day of is suggested as desirable and with the event not sold out there is some physical space available. Juana volunteered to donate banquet seats for some  off board people.  Autocrat and kitchen staff will rework plans to accommodate.

Baronial A&S Feb 16 2019

Aeron couldn’t make it tonight but is offering to be Event Steward.

Budget will be repeat of last year’s numbers  Estimate 90-120 people

Culinary guild dinner for 65-70 people – Chinese themed

Ysolt is in charge of competition.