Curia Notes October 2019

Greetings from Their Excellencies: Had a great month, great event for the Emprise of the Black Lion. Looking forward to Collegium this weekend. Sergeantry Trials wrapping up this weekend. Progress will be updated this fall.

Administrative stuff: Open positions needed: Chronicler, Understudy seneschal and exchequer.

Will not have a December Curia as it falls on a popular holiday.

November 11th Baronial social night: Alianora will teach us to make flower crowns, details TBA. BYO other projects or just come hang out.

Events: Closeout on Emprise: Everyone had fun, no significant problems. We made money! Total income $2,992, total expenses $2,624. Great success, everyone had a fun time despite cold weather. A good, small community feel to the event. Arthrr of the Green Arrow is our new Archery Champion, Mistress Kerij-e is our new Equestrian champion

Sven’s Harvest coming up on November 2nd in Port de L’Eau. Come play battle croquet! May need a herald.

Sarah Pixie has a request for a fighting demo for Boy Scouts Blue and Gold potluck on Feb 9th, 2020. 5-7 pm. (a Sunday afternoon) it’s really more in Aquaterra, so she will pursue a joint demo.

Pub night, Feb 22nd 2020: Come for gambling, food, friendship. Preston location called Vasa Hall. It is a wet site, so drinking will be allowed. Area is quite flat, so worries about snowfall should be limited. They do have a cancellation policy if snow is too bad. $250 deposit, $200 per day. No other anticipated expenses. Gambling prizes will be provided by Rotrude and Nathanial. Has a full kitchen if we want to organize some sort of food offering. Will have pewter coins as site tokens. Option to purchase extra coins to contribute to the barony? Proposal approved by curia. Event name: The Raging Rogue Tavern?

Banquet April 18, 2020: Confusion if the EIF has been submitted. Advised to just submit a new one. As soon as we can get a Facebook page going will be ready to take up social media. Seems to be in a good place, need to schedule chances to get roman garb arranged.

Lionhearts May 9, 2020: Bid submitted by Christopher MacEveny, discussion of possibly using a different site. Only expenses are for water for the fighters. Still need volunteers. More banners this year!

Athenaeum June 27, 2020: Lost the previous site, it’ll be closed for construction. Looking for new sites

Peasant’s Revel July 11, 2020: On the calendar, same time, same place.

Fall City Parade June 6, 2020: Might not conflict with JuneFaire since their site might be changing.

12th Night January 2021: lots of enthusiasm for laurels display.