Curia notes January 2019

Notes of 1/21/19

Greetings from their excellences.

12th night recap

recognition for elevations, kingdom seneschal.

Barony presented largesse with bountiful hand. Thank you to barony, ex. Juana La Christiana.

Master Tamlin- proposed forming a metalworkers guild. Sir Raphael offers to host metalworking group

2019 fundraising

Need to update fundraising systems to be in the black. Questions about income inequality being a barrier to participation. Costs are primarily Storage unit & fighting area.   Baronial spending beyond those is almost 0. Cannot rely on site fees to maintain costs.

Reminder to report donations to big companies, which often match donations.

Seneschal’s comments.

Social media update: Kingdom must create facebook pages, which are then populated by the barony.  Meeting of social media officer to hash out details and streamline process.

Reminder that springing new ideas on Event Stewards for events is something that should be saved for events that are still long out- even good ideas are stressful only a couple weeks out!

Lady Margaret Palmer is our new gold key coordinator!


11,368.37 primary account. Two outstanding checks that have not been cashed

15,192.92 Money market.

$5000 transferred from primary to MM, reflected next month.

Event close outs

Baronial banquet- 97 diners, 10 day trippers. Credit card system worked well, 2/3ds used.  

Larger print for gate sheets going forward, cash box for front desk.  Bottom line: net profit $335.

Suggestion to put out tip jar to cover paypal fees.

Upcoming events:

Baronial A&S 2/16

Gate head found! Notifications for registrations up on facebook, updates to baronial and kingdom websites upcoming.

2 contestants for A&S, no submissions for bardic.

Judges seem to be in a good place, 4 confirmed so far.


Confusion over changes in site grab policy/layout. Seeking further details

Fall city days 6/9

Yes, planning on doing again. Conflict with June fair?

Lionhearts 6/15

Similar to marshal championships last year. Public demo. Mid June, in the park.

Anthenaeum 6/29

Mistress Kerij-e has volunteered as Event Steward.  Distributed rough budget. Same site. “A showcase of arts and sciences.” June 29th. Pre-reg will be required for all exhibitors. Need bardic coordinator. Culinary guild has offered to do a lunch. Review schedule changes.
Cost estimates: $15 site fee   
Add stage hall, adds $730.  
expenses: $2428, banquet permit
Profit: $831
The Barony has agreed that we would like to hold the event again.

Emprise 9/27-29

No Event Steward lined up yet. Soliciting volunteers.