Curia Minutes January 2020


Words from their Excellencies: 
– Room reservations for 12th Night 2021 went live today. There were some issues but the hotel is working on fixing them. 

– Baroness Spike was gifted a Madrone Book of Heraldry covering AS 11-18. This is a fun piece of our history. 

– Baron Enzio: Gera was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at 12th Night last weekend and Gareth was entered into the Order of the Sable Gauntlet 

– Baroness Spike: Nicolin was offered her Laurel at Ursulmas, tentatively she will have her vigil at Madrone A&S during the afternoon. Thank you to the many Madronans who helped run Ursulmas, the hospitality area was very well received. Congratulations to Kate for being given the service award for Aquaterra. 

– There will be a meeting of the Order of the Red Branch at Madrone A&S 

– Kneeling bench: we have looked into commissioning one of the new kneeling benches being made in order to allow those with mobility difficulties to kneel in court. It has been decided that we will fundraise the $500-600 needed first, then place our order. We may do a silent auction at Madrone A&S for this. 

Words from the Seneschal: 
– Master Sean made two versions of a sign that can be posted at all practices/gatherings expressing our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

– At Ursalmas, Mistress Gera was able to accompany a reporter from the Seattle Times around the event. A good time was had. Look for the report to be published in March.  Will mention Lionhearts. 

– Monday practices: Kapka School currently has no administrator, everything is being handled by the pastor. Expect some delays in communication. -The Jan 1 special practice was a financial success and well-attended. If needed we can try additional special practices in the future. 

– Curia regular dates in Nov and Dec  this year conflict with holidays, it was decided to have one Curia meeting on Dec 2 to cover both months. 


– February 10th BARONIAL SOCIAL: two activities:  Roman garb class and Goldkey garb swap/sale. Bring any garb you don’t wear any more, take something home if you like.  Contact Lady Margaret with questions. 

– Feb 22 RAGING ROGUE TAVERN NIGHT: ok to bring alcohol, games will be provided, there will be a fire pit, some food will be available for purchase. MADRONE BARDIC CHAMPIONSHIP will be held at this event. The competition will be somewhat free-form, there will be no set time or stage area. Show us how well you entertain a crowd! [Event Steward: Raphael] 

– March 9th BARONIAL SOCIAL: work party for A&S decorations 

-NorWesCon: after discussing with Their Excellencies Wyewood, we have almost no one who wants to go to man an info table. We will not pursue this further for 2020 

– April 18: MADRONE BARONIAL BANQUET AND A&S: The schedule is still in progress. There will be a class on how to wrap a Roman toga so if you don’t have Roman garb, bring a long piece of fabric. There will be a photo booth with props, there may or may not be a photographer available but personal cameras are encouraged. We do not expect a royal presence. Pre-registration should be open in March. There is a need for volunteers for gate and dishwashers. A&S CHAMPIONSHIP will be held at this event. Aeron is available to help artisans set up early in the day. This competition will be held Atheneum-style: display your body of work, there will be no set judging times but be available to answer questions about your work. You will present to Their Excellencies during the day, and they will decide the championship with input from those in attendance. It is not necessary to declare in advance but it would be helpful to let the event steward know ahead of time how much space you need. Those who do not wish to compete are encouraged to display as well.  [Event Steward: Tabytha] 

-  May 9  LIONHEARTS CHAMPIONSHIP & DEMO: event has been submitted to kingdom calendar. We are moving the event to Crossroads Park in Bellevue. Mistress Gera is running gate. We are in need of lists help. Crier copy is in progress. [Event Steward: Christopher MacEveny] 

– June 13 FALL CITY DAYS: we will have a pavilion with an info table, maybe hats for kids to try on, hopefully we will be able to have horses in the parade [Event Steward: Kerij-e] 

– June 27 ATHENEUM: still looking for a site, Kerij-e has applications in at 5 schools. [Event Steward: Kerij-e] 

– July 11 PEASANTS’ REVEL [Event Steward: TBD] 

– Aug 28-30 BLACK LION EMPRISE: bid copy was presented to Curia. We have moved the date with permission to take advantage of the better weather. Need a site contract. Cabins and food were popular last year, looking to improve cabin administration and provide an all-weekend food pass. There may be an opportunity for in-garb trail rides. [Event Steward: Gera] 

– TWELFTH NIGHT 2021: Room reservations are open. Volunteers are still needed for day-of. Paypal should be available at gate. Hoping to have a Laurel’s Atheneum. We have confirmed marshals for practice on Sunday for heavy, rapier, youth rapier, cut and thrust. Looking for a YAC marshal. Merchant applications will open in March. Hoping to arrange a trip to the UW Special Collections which includes many early printed books. Discussed doing a trip to the Nordic Heritage Museum as well [Event Stewards: Spike/John de Percy] 

– Kerij-e: Kingdom is soliciting short pieces (a few paragraphs) on “why I should go to X event” to help spread information on what to expect from each event and encourage attendance.  

– Port de l’Eau: no quorum for Jan Curia. The archery practice site contract fell throught. 
– The College of St Bunstable  working on a date for a public demo, date still TBD.  (Probably Late March/Early April.) 

Officer & Guild Reports 

– Exchequer: checking account balance $7260.36  money market balance  $20,283.59  ***DEPUTY NEEDED***** 

– Culinary guild: working on upcoming Roman baronial banquet, 2021 banquet will be Oct 30 and 16th century Transylvanian themed! 

– Dance: practices continue 

– Rapier: we have 2 new youth and 1 new adult this month  

– A&S: nothing to report 

– Equestrian officer: practices 2 times per month 

– Heavy: 2 new fighters this month, Nick has been made a junior marshal. Once Kapka has an administrator again we will look into the possibility of storing a notebook for sign-in sheets kept at the school for consistency. 

– Chamberlain: 1 year extension signed 

– Chatelaine: in conversation with some newcomers 

– Gold key: garb swap at Feb social 

– Scribe: painting nights have been well attended, feel free to come paint charters or work on your own scribal projects. May add some extra nights on the east side. 

– Chronicler: Mecia has stepped into the office, an official email has been assigned to the office 

– Webminister: updates have been made. A new back-up system is in place. She is working with kingdom to bring our website policy in line and working to recover/rebuild a History of An Tir file that was made a few years ago.