Curia Minutes – October 24, 2023


Chaired by Madrone Seneschal Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e.

Words from their Excellencies: Progress – Autumn Colloquium and Harvest Revel, then a trip to the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Largesse donations (small items that will pack well) for their visit to Drachenwald are being sought and will be greatly appreciated.

Words from the Seneschal: November Curia will be the 3rd Tuesday – November 21st. The items for the Silent Auction at Autumn Colloquium & Harvest Revel has been listed on the Barony website as well as on the FaceBook group. All open officer positions have been posted on the site and via the email list



All officers are requested to submit their budget for the office (even if they have donated the materials during their term) to even if it’s to say that the budget is zero.

3rd Quarter report being worked on and will be sent in by deadline.

Arts & Sciences – Aeron Corrino

Polling for Rotrude Halfblind to the position will be conducted at the November Curia. Thank you Baron Aeron for your long tenure

Virtual Athenaeum – A meeting will be spun up outside of Curia

Chatelaine – Vacant / Gold Key – Isentrude von Osten

Tabytha Morgan has turned in her resignation. Job Opening has been posted

Chamberlain – Enzio Bandinelli

Signs for this weekend’s event were handed off to the Dread Barun last night.

Herald – Simon Fisc / Scribe – Eullalia

Herald: Successor sought. Will start as Deputy to the office. Simon will teach/coach.

Scribe: 2 scribal nights were held as usual in October. Matilda Stoyle/Alicia duBois presented a class on illumination at the Madrone Colloquium on the 28th,

Armored Combat – Nicklaß Volkhart

Practices are well attended, with over a dozen people being the average with some coming down from Aquaterra.

Loaner kits are down to a single full kit available, working with fighters to get existing loaner gear back into circulation.

Rapier Marshal – Temetgen de Worde

2nd practice on Eastside on Thursdays has moved to Redmond Elementary.

Social Mediator – Basilius Fuchs

7 people were added to the Barony of Madrone & PdL Group Facebook page.

The Barony has accounts on: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

To help the Barony improve its Social Media presence, tag your relevant posts and photos with #BaronyofMadrone

You can use the #regrammysca, to allow any in the SCA to share the post.

Webster – Rowenna de Manning

While webster was taking a break, Seneschal has kept the website updated. All officer descriptions and job openings have been posted. A preview page for the Silent Auction at Colloquium has been created.

Chronicler – Rowena Jade of the Lion Isles

Quarterly report filed. November Leaf is up on the website.


Sergeantry – Basilius Fuchs & Emma la rouse d’Argentan

Sergeantry candidates continue to study and work on their quest books

Meetings for upcoming trivia testing for SCA knowledge/heraldry testing and a ‘Peer Like Qualities’ round table are being organized.

The populace of the Barony is invited and advertisements will be sent out once the dates and locations are confirmed.

Culinary Guild – Ysolt Tayler of Windhill

Menu for Autumn Colloquium & Harvest Revel has been finalized

Dance – Trahaern ap Leuan

1st Mondays in PDL

3rd Mondays at Kapka

There will be dancing at Autumn Colloquium & Harvest Revel

Equestrian – Anissa Gabrielli

Practice held on October 21. Two new horses in the guild. Sadly, Bourdain has crossed the rainbow bridge. Next practice November 11.


October 28 – Autumn Colloquium & Harvest Revel at St. Andrews Church in Bellevue. Volunteers to wash dishes are sought.

February 10, 2024 – Rogue Tavern at Vasa Hall in Preston. Site deposit will be required next month. Event fees will go up a little.

June 22, 2024 – Athenaeum at Bellevue High. Contract signed and sent by Seneschal for new date.

September 13 – 15, 2024 – Joint Emprise of the Black Lion and Autumn War

Report of the site visit and feasibility investigation was delivered by the Equestrian Guild and the Financial Committee.

A site walk through was conducted by the Baron & Baroness, representatives from the Equestrian Guild (Anissa) and Event Liaison for Madrone (Alienora).

Equestrian: Good accessibility, site equivalent or better than previous Emprise sites. Good sized arena and plenty of stalls for horses – there is more capacity at this site than any previous site used.

Event Liaison: With requested 25% share, break even analysis is attendance of 350 – 400  which is historic Emprise numbers. 2022 August Autumn War had 600 attendees and historical numbers from Autumn War (when it was held in September) average between 800 – 1000 head.

Modest profit @ 400 head

Good profit @ 800 head

Manpower required from Madrone would be the same if Emprise was run solely by Madrone.

Plenty of camping space and 35 RV hookups with easy access.

Baroness: Collaboration between groups is a huge goal. This provides an opportunity for synergy and accessibility to a site that Madrone could not otherwise afford.

Financial Committee (Etiniette): Financial risk is low as Emprise has the same break even.

Concerns expressed:

Dilution of the brand “Emprise of the Black Lion”

That the event date belongs to Madrone in the event that the joint event does not work out and will not be co-opted for Autumn War

Weather in September. But it was mentioned that in Tenino (where the site is) average temps are above 70 through September, and mid September still only has 20% chance of rain. There is also a huge indoor arena if it does rain.

Poll was taken of the populace. Result: significant majority for.

New Business


Meeting closed.