Curia Minutes May 2020

May 26, 2020 Curia Minutes

Curia format: as restrictions relax, we may want to look at alternating in person and online meetings to accommodate more people. Hybrid meetings create a bad user experience so no Zoom + in person. Discussed possibly video taping in person meetings and posting.

Their Excellencies: Emprise has been cancelled. Horse activities can be done with distancing but without the ability to have close community it would be unsatisfying and the cabins would be a problem.

Oct 30th 2021: we have the date reserved but no event planned. If anyone wants to run a one-off event for that date please turn in a proposal by next Curia.

Seneschal: deputy needed

Social media: Handing off to Basilius, he and Gera had an informational meeting to go over the various accounts

Peasant’s Revel: May try to do later in the year, perhaps a “plague picnic” theme. There would be no shared food and no cheese rolling. If you have game ideas that can be played with distancing, share with Bergdis.

Emprise: Discussed ways to still celebrate our equestrians, sharing photos, paper horse joust, etc. Possible Breakfast With the Baroness on Zoom. Discussed making t shirts to sell for fund raising. Emprise is on the kingdom calendar for Aug 2021 at the same site.

12th Night 2021: We need to have several contingency plans. Hotel is currently closed and our contact person is furloughed. What is the cancellation process? Discussed feasibility of running a crown tourney, may work since we used to do QRC. We have the lists and marshals to run it. If this event is cancelled, can we host 2022? We are still waiting to do merchant applications to try to avoid needing to issue refunds. Need to plan for the event to be much larger or much smaller than normal. What about requiring pre reg and setting a cap on attendees? Could do registration now and collect money close to the event.

Port d’ L’eau: still having online meetings

Exchequer: Has a new deputy! All but one refund has been issued for banquet. We are not currently paying for Kapka.

Culinary guild: Holding virtual activities

Equestrian: Holding virtual meetings, considering ways to engage more online

Chatelaine: We have had several requests to join our Facebook groups

Herald: Madrone award names have been approved except: Order of the Sapling, Sveti Madrone (pending more research into Welsh terms)

Scribal: Working on charters so there will be some available when they are needed

Web minister: Will update event calendar, change officers once paperwork has been done.

Kingdom Seneschal: officer change forms can be done as emails, mostly need officers to communicate their support for the applicants.

A and S: Master Seamus is running an online A & S competition. If anyone is interested in teaching an online class contact Aeron.