Curia Minutes March 2022

Words from Their Excellencies

                Settling back in after trip to foreign shores.

Words from the Seneschal

Changes to the State, County, and Kingdom Covid Policy are in effect. Masks and tracing are no longer required but baronial leadership requests that we continue to mask indoors.

Reminder to check activities/events for cancellations and changes   all branches are in flux to some extent

Reminder of open offices in need of volunteers:



-Gold Key

Thanks to HL Eden for her continued assistance.

Baronial Changeover

          Dates to know:

           – April 15 – applications due

           – May 3 – Meet and Greet

           – May 5-10 – Registration for polling

           – May 16-23 – Online Polling  – all polling is online now, if that doesn’t work for someone please request a variance

           – hoping to do the changeover at Athenaeum or Emprise of the Black Lion equestrian event, if Their Majesties approve.


• Exchequer  – Etienette (11/22)  financial committee meeting last month to go over end-of-year 

– reimbursement request for web hosting  ID protection

-request to reimburse $150 seed money and $450 site fee for Rogue Tavern

-we can now add a donation button to the baronial website, transaction fee will apply

• A&S – Aeron (6/21)

• Chatelaine – Tabytha (10/22)   nothing to report, a few people have requested to be added to the FB group

• Chamberlain – Steven (???)   nothing to report,  Gera has offered to take the baronial pavilion to May Crown

• Herald – Simon (11/21) – Applied for extension    congrats to Margaret Palmer, who is the new Dexter Gauntlet

• Armored Combat – Nicklaus (9/22)   transition out of Covid protocols has been smooth, one new fighter this week

• Rapier Marshal – Temetgen (6/22)  nothing to report

• Scribe – Maddelena (end of B/B tenure)   nothing to report

• Social Media – Basilius (6/22)  7 people added to FB page

• Web – Rowenna (11/21) – Applied for extension, updated baronial events page for Rogue Tavern, put new date for Atheneum, fixed some broken links on WordPress, updated info for polling, 160 users have accessed the baronial website in the last 30 days

• Chronicler – Mecia (11/21)  stepping down

– Thanks for her service & staying on longer than planned. 

-Eden approved as new Chronicler (3/24)

Sergeantry –  there will be a captain changeover at Rogue’s Tavern event

-testing will start this Sunday, schedule has been agreed on for the next few months.

Port d/Leau    no events scheduled at this time


• Culinary Guild – Ysolt:   discussion about rum last week as part of the video review series,

-1st Wed of the month is social/discussion meeting,

-want to wait 1 more month before committing to Peasant’s Revel,

— NO on doing banquet this year. Guild feels they cannot do a full meal this calendar year.

                -not enough stability in pricing, indoor dining safety etc.

– should we release the date? Yes.

• Dance – Ranulf   March 3 practice had 8 dancers, Wyewood practice with 2 dancers

• Equestrian – Annisa   met informally last weekend, need to have meeting to get ready for Emprise, talked about restarting practices


 • Ongoing General Event discussion

– Preregistration is no longer required, but Madrone will continue for some events.  

– Reminder of Facebook/Social Media posting policy (Don’t spam our neighbors)

• April 16, 2022 (new date) – Tavern – Event Stewards: Raphael and Christopher MacEveny

           –  Merged with Lionhearts Martial Championships

           –  Status report          left to do: get banquet permit

-Lord Christopher will be Marshal-in-Charge at the event

-should not need anything from the baronial locker

-this event will have the championships for heavy, rapier, bardic 

– champions MUST be paid members,  need to set schedule