Curia Minutes JUNE 2020

Curia minutes June 23 2020 From Their Excellencies: Thank you to the populace for your positivity during these difficult times

Seneschal: Needs a deputy. Regarding 2021 events, event stewards – need new bids eventually, but please give teams space to adjust their commitments as needed since everything is in upheaval.

Road to Atheneum: Good enthusiasm for an online event as we can reasonably well recreate the experience of the live event. 36 exhibitors are registered as of this minute, working on getting more Laurels/vigilants signed up. Non-Laurels are welcome to reserve time with exhibitors, exhibitors may also reserve time with each other. Will put out 2x weekly updates to get numbers up. Zoom classes will be held to explain how to upload a project to the website. Please help others with the technology as you are able. Road to Atheneum will be quarterly virtual quarterly events to prep for the live event next year.

12th Night: Baroness Spike was at a meeting last week and Sept Crown will definitely be cancelled which brings up the question of when the next Crown tourney can be held – options are Kingdom Feast and 12th Night. Could potentially do a tourney in the ballroom at 12th Night. The Double Tree says that if the state says no events in Jan that they will not charge us a large cancellation fee so we are free to wait and see until much closer to the date. Merchant form will be uploaded this week but no money will be collected until we are fairly certain that the event will happen.

Baronial Banquet 2021: Feb may be too soon, costs and availability of the site are variable. We have Oct 30 2021 reserved on the kingdom calendar, event steward Tabytha likes that date. Culinary Guild is more comfortable with a later date. Curia agrees to change.

Port d’Leau: Holding Friday virtual socials. Sven’s Day in Nov is currently still on the calendar.

Exchequer: PO Box is being checked. Address is on the merchant application in case some want to mail in a physical form.

Culinary guild: Recipes are ready for banquet. Virtual meeting last week to talk about research.

Equestrian: Zoom meeting this Thurs, trying out some online challenges

Rapier: Kate McKim turned in her final report as marshal

Chamberlain: need to inventory what we have in storage once we can gather safely.

Chatelaine: about 3 online contacts per month. New people are happy about the option to check out the SCA online before eventing. Lots of new classes are available.