Curia Minutes July 2021

Words from Their Excellencies : Atheneum went very well. Congratulations to Baron Aeron and to Payne. Congrats to Sergeant Kate for being awarded the Mantle of Madrone for her varied service. Fight practices have started up again.

Words from the Seneschale:
Reminder about Covid sign-in at activities, and other guidance (and thanks to activities coordinators for sending in their sign in sheets). ALL ACTIVITIES MUST have a way to contact people who participated – 2 branches have already had Covid exposures. New resolution today from Board of Directors lifting some restrictions including food sharing. Continue to follow local recommendations.

Status of Kapka school and practices/socials : still on for starting back up in September; until then practices at Wallingford Playfield. LOCAL ONLY – please pick ONE branch and ONLY attend events with that one branch. Kennydale practice is unofficial so this presents some issues with cross-contamination. Per Seneschal: if you post about a practice (official or otherwise) on the Barony FB pages then they MUST follow sign-in policy or the post will be removed. PLEASE stick to one branch regardless of whether the practice is official or not.

Future of Curia meetings: continued online/in-person/hybrid.

Reminder of open and soon to be rewarranted offices: chamberlain, chatelaine.

Donating Thrown Weapons targets to Wyewood: Madrone purchased targets some years ago, has been trying to coordinate practice with Wyewood. Could offer targets since we are using their practice and targets are not currently in use.

Officer Reports

Exchequer – Etienette (11/22) 12th Night event deposit has been delivered, waiting for a check from Wyewood for $1200. Deposit for Kapka will be…..? Will check on amount.

The Exchequer reminds to have a financial meeting in August.

A&S – Aeron (6/21) Atheneum went well, tech side was very smooth. Increase in participation from last year. There is an annual fee for WordPress to keep the site up – Aeron proposes that we pay the annual fee so that Virtual Atheneum displays can be maintained. Can this be handled by the current A & S budget? Offices have $350 per year so this could easily cover the expense. Looking at keeping an online element to Atheneum even as we resume in-person events. Propose creating an Atheneum Librarian position to maintain. Possibly combine with Collegium handouts? Might blur the line between Madrone events and Kingdom events. When we publish content we need to specify who owns it.

Porte de L’Eau – Margaret: the canton continues to have online socials, fight and dance practices.

Chatelaine – Tabytha (10/22) no report

Gold Key:: nothing to report

Chamberlain – Steven (seeking successor) IF we do Sept Crown we will need to pull things out, no change until/unless that happens.

Herald – Simon (11/21) nothing to report.

Adult Armored Combat – Nicklaus (9/22) Practices are happening – good turn out. New site is working but some concerns about bathrooms closing early. Contact tracing paperwork is being compiled. Will there be Baronial championships? Their Excellencies feel we need to have more practice time before holding the tournament.

Rapier Marshal – Temetgen (6/22) no report.

Scribe – Magdelena (end of B/B tenure) no report.

Social Media – Basilius (6/22) 233 members of email list, 696 members on official FB page.

Website – Rowenna (11/21) updated event page.

Chronicler – Mecia (11/21) nothing to report.

YAC – no current officer.


Culinary Guild – Isolt: in-person meeting last month but sparsely attended.

Dance – Ranulfn: July 1 practice had 6 dancers including some from Aquaterra.

Equestrian – Annisa: no report. Private practice being held this Sat 1-4pm.


Monthly Social Zoom: Outdoor social in conjunction with fight practice? Probably not a good idea due to the Delta Variant. Have another online social?

Garb swap – Gera: an idea to swap garb people don’t need. Maybe in November?

Baronial Banquet – Culinary Guild: propoosed for October, the lead time required for go-ahead is May.

12th Night January 2022 – Spike: Aeron’s elevation to Order of the Laurel is intended to take place at this event. Walkthrough of hotel is scheduled for August. The hotel is currently open. Still looking for leads for decorations and salons.

Tavern Night February 2022 – Rapheal: 2 dates available at the site we used for Rogue Tavern in 2020. Possibly add Cut and Thrust and Rapier championships.

Miscellaneous Business

September Crown 2021 – Baronial presence and related activities: Baronial tent on eric (thank you Gera and Nicklaus). Will need help with setup/teardown. Is there interest in Baronial Encampment? HL Madelena’s vigil and elevation to the Order of the Laurel, a vigil party to be held.

Sir Rapheal’s Harnischfechte demo

Zoom account for Barony – Kerij-e: no new info

Information on Donation button for website – Margaret: no new info