Curia minutes July 2020

Their Excellencies: The Road to Atheneum virtual event went well, thanks to the tech team for all their hard work

Sensechal: • needs a deputy. • Kapka has been cancelled through August, we have informed them that we may cancel through December. • Feb 21, 2021 is reserved on the kingdom calendar but does not have an event planned, Eden suggested releasing the date, Enzio would like to hold onto it for a virtual event if we still aren’t doing in-person.

• Kingdom is rolling out new email lists, do we want to keep the current Madrone list open or as announcements-only? Support for it staying open as-is until/unless a problem arises.

EDI: should we post officer pronouns on our website? Any concerns? No concerns at this time


Athenaeum: 44 displays were published, minor technical issues happened but overall the feedback has been very positive. 96 people participated in salons, almost 700 exhibit comments were left. Exit survey has 33 responses so far, many felt that the 1 on 1 convos were easier online than in a crowded room. Other groups are interested in how we did it. Road to Atheneum 2 may bring in experts to help improve exhibits, perhaps some non-SCA people (librarian, museum curator, etc).

12th Night: hotel closed with limited contact, Kingdom Feast is cancelled, waiting on variances from the BOD. 12th Night 2021 will be the next chance for a crown tourney, unlikely to happen. Madrone has first right of refusal to host 2022. The planned Laurels’ Atheneum may be held online, Kingdom will have virtual court soon to handle baronial change overs. Maybe do a virtual 12th Night? Atheneum salons were popular so this may work.

Port d’Leau: weekly online social, monthly online meeting

Officers & Guilds:

Exchequer: How long can we operate without expenses? We pay for PO box and storage unit so we do have recurring expenses, but lacking other expenses, so far our required buffer has been sufficient to our needs. Will need to review for 2021.

Culinary guild: meeting 3x per month, watching videos and discussing, may break for August

Chatelaine: a few new people joined the baronial page and want to do in-person events, 1 person found us through an interest in heraldry, we are still getting about 3 new contacts per month.

Chamberlain: nothing to report