Curia Minutes – August 22nd, 2023


Chaired by Madrone Seneschal Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e.

Words from their Excellencies – Barunin Gera Gangolffin and Barun Christopher MacEveny

Progress – September Crown. There will be a tri-barony encampment with Wyewood and Aquaterra, the Baronial pavilion will be coming along.

Words from the Seneschal – Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e

– Paper waivers are a relic of the past. Waivers can now be scanned and submitted to Kingdom.

– A reminder that COVID is on an uptick and to take precautions.

– Quarterly Report has been turned. Late due to late information from Kingdom.

Words from the Porte de L’eau Seneschal – Margaret Palmer

– Quarterly Report has been turned in.

– Heraldic Symposium will be held at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Bellevue – October 7th, 2023


Exchequer – Etienenette

– Donation from Fighters Practice has been deposited

– Awaiting checks made by PayPal payments from Kingdom

– Policy review and approval nears for allowing electronic transactions such as paying bills and payments for event expenses.

– We are liquid and in the black, but we have a loss this fiscal year

Arts & Sciences – Aeron Corrino

– Stamping open workshops were run / are being run by Tristin Taylor Sablerose

Chatelaine – Tabytha Morgan / Gold Key – Isentrude von Osten

Absent, no report

Chamberlain – Enzio Bandinelli

Nothing to report – all is well.

Herald – Simon Fisc

Absent, no report

Armored Combat – Nicklaß Volkhart

Absent, report sent in.

– All waivers sent in

– Practice has moved from park back into the gym at Kapka

Rapier Marshal – Temetgen de Worde

Absent, report sent in.

– Practice continues in Bellevue, new participants are returning regularly. No injuries

Scribe – Currently Open. Barun Kit has stepped in temporarily.

– We shall have two members of the Barony that will coordinate the office, Anie on the administrative side, Matilda on the art side.

Social Mediator – Basilius Fuchs

Absent, report sent in.

– Eight new members added to the group.

– A reminder that we can assist in gaining more visibility for our Barony by tagging appropriate posts with the hash tags #BaronyOfMadrone and #RegramMySCA (using capital letters to indicate words allows text-to-speech apps to read/interpret  hash tags better)

Webster – Rowenna de Manning

Site is up to date.

– New list of stuff available for loan will be up shortly.

– Webster will be on vacation pause. Please copy the Seneschal on all needs / correspondence

Chronicler – Rowena Jade of the Lion Isles

Nothing to report

– Assistance offered in creation of forms / information leaflets to other officers


Sergeantry – Basilius Fuchs & Emma la rouse d’Argentan

-A small study group has been set up and the location will rotate through the Barony.

Culinary Guild – Ysolt Tayler of Windhill

A small dinner confirmed for Harvest Revel

Dance – Trahaern ap Leuan

Absent. Report sent in. Dance continues

1st Mondays in Porte de L’eau

3rd Mondays at Kapka School


No meeting this month, but practice is on.



– A lovely ice cream social was had. Huzzah to all.

– Next planned social will be September 11


Martial Colloquium – Went very well. 36 attendees, 2 minors and half were newcomers. Total cost covered by donations

Athenaeum Feedback – There were attendees who were disappointed that Bardic performances were not well announced or published, however, Bardic exhibitors were there to obtain feedback / meet Laurels, not perform for public entertainment.


October A&S Colloquium – Planning goes well.

Call for Event Stewards and Co-Stewards for 2024

Events on 2024 Calendar.  Bids are open. Please submit at least 6 months before event to Seneschal & Baroness

Feb 10 – Raging Rogue Tavern – Bid due by Aug Curia

May 4 – Lionhearts Martial Championships – Bid due by Oct Curia

June 22 – Athenaeum – Waiting on Lake Washington School District to commit on a date.

July 13 – Peasants Revel – Culinary Guild confirmed they will put in a bid

Sept 13-15 – Emprise of the Black Lion – Bid due by March Curia

Dec 7 – Tri-Baronial Yule – Bids due by June Curia

New Business


Meeting closed.