Curia minutes august 2020

Words from the B&B •Welcome and thank yous (virtual and real-world)

•Not a busy month in the SCA

Words from Seneschal • Still needs a deputy – Kapka canceled through end of January

•Nov/ Dec curia currently scheduled as a combined meeting on Dec 1st. Continue? Discussion? Tabled for exchequer – •Seneschal will coordinate scholarships on memberships for those who might need assistance to maintain membership for their roles in the SCA. Contact Baron/ess or Seneschal if you need assistance with this. •Should we purchase a Zoom account in the Barony’s name? Discussion – Possible discount from Kingdom? But needs policy to access and account. Wyewood will send their policy to crib. – Encouragement from kingdom to purchase whatever is needed. – Questions about liability for the host. – Tabled for costs and more information. •Baronial Heavy Marshal position is available. – Nikolas has volunteered – Officers need to let the Seneschal know if they support him in this role. Thumbs up given by Aaron, Gera, Simon, Enzio, Tabby, Eden, Spike, Kerij-e, and Steven. Nickolas is officially given the office.

Several people have offered to help pay for memberships for those who need to have one but are struggling to pay. Should we purchase a baronial Zoom account? Alianora says we are allowed to pay in order to facilitate meetings, may be able to get a discount for being non-profit. May be worth it for holding virtual events. Is there a liability risk when we use personal Zoom accounts?

Road to Atheneum – Alicia and Rowenna have a slide presentation (see below) Next event: in discussions about what that will look like. May do a Laurel’s Atheneum at 12th Night.

12th Night •in a holding pattern. Hotel wants us to wants us to wait for the authorities to cancel all events. They only have $150 of ours but we want to keep a good relationship for 2022. Please keep hotel room reservations if possible for the ability to transfer to next year, lets the hotel know that we are serious. •Rowenna – 2022 is the 40th anniversary of An Tir becoming a kingdom which happened in Madrone. •What does a virtual 12th Night look like? Laurel’s Atheneum, virtual chat rooms, merchants, etc. How can we do a charity auction? Alianora – there is interest in doing a fundraiser, looking into options for how that would work. Atheneum salons were very popular, maybe we can recreate for this event.

Port D’Leau – Friday Zoom socials continue

Culinary guild – struggling with finding the right balance of activities. will continue video lecture series

chamberlain – will still have stuff, working on collecting photos of who has which regalia, will turn info in to exchequer.

Chatelaine – continue to have roughly 3 contacts per month. One is a transplant from W Va, two are totally new, found via baronial FB group. Brief chats were had, passed along links.

herald – working with Marya on previously discussed questions. Can Simon just pay for the submissions as a donation to the barony? Yes and thank you!

Social media – continuing to add people to the baronial page as they request

Arts and Sciences – Atheneum report should be ready soon. Atheneum site was down briefly, Rowenna confirms that it is up again

Exchequer – Eden signed off on the quarterly report

Alicia gives a slide show on the Athenaeum summary and survey results: goal of 50 participants, 43 exhibitors completed pages and had 1:1 meetings, 53 Laurels participated. Public comments took the place of walk-by convos. Given the tech barrier we had good participation. Survey results indicate that we did a good job of recreating the feel of the in-person event. Biggest negative was issues with technology. Salons were very popular. Had good support for teaching how to use the WordPress site for displays.