Curia Minutes April 2022


Words from Their Excellencies – Thank you to the officers of the barony for continuing to serve & making things happen.  Thank you to everyone involved for the lovely Tavern event.  Congratulations to new Martial champions Marcus of Thornwold – Rapier, George Slade the Dragoon-Armored Combat,  Bardic champion has been postponed.  Gareth graciously agreed to stay on for now.

Words from the Seneschal

As always please keep an eye open for changes to the State, County, and Kingdom Covid Policy – There is a rumor that vaccine checking may come back locally as our infection rates are rising.

Likewise, remember to check activities/events for cancelations and changes

Reminder of open and soon to be re-warranted offices. PLEASE consider volunteering!  Scribe, Chateleine, Chamberlain, Gold Key.

Is there interest in returning to in-person Curia?  Not yet.  Maybe in Summer in an outdoor or well aerated space.  TBD

Thank you to newcomers for coming to play with us, and folks who made them welcome at Tavern.  Bouncing ideas around re Newcomer support and retention – will discuss more next month when the agenda is less packed.

Baronial Socials.  Several people have expressed interest in hosting activities at the practice.  Going forward we will have rotating hosts in charge of making sure someone is looking over the space, running activities classes etc.

Status of the Baronial Changeover – As of April 15 we have an excellent set of Baronial Candidates: Gera Gangolffin, OP and Christopher MacEveny.  
Kerij-e will post their SCA resumes shortly.  There will be two Meet & Greet opportunities for people to get to know them, ask them questions, etc.     
See Schedule Below.
There has been some streamlining of the Kingdom polling process:  instead of completing a preregistration process, getting reviewed, and then logging back in and polling later, you can now just sign in once & poll.  Because of this our Polling period will be extended to May 23rd. 

Baronial Changeover Schedule:
 ..  (all pending any changes from Kingdom of course)

Sunday May 1st – Online Meet and Greet

May 5th – Polling Opens – No pre-registration required. Easy to find Membership link will be included.

Monday May 9th – In-person Meet and Greet Social at KapKa/Fighter Practice

May 23rd – Polling closes

Officers Reports

  • Exchequer – Etinenette (11/22) 

-First Quarter report has been submitted to Kingdom – need to schedule a Financial Committee Mtg to review those numbers sometime next month. 
-as of March 31st  statement we have $6137.95 in checking and  $20,352.01 in money market account.
-Gate sheets have been turned in for PayPal, check probably sometime next month.
-Big expense upcoming is the Storage Unit at end of May.  Will call this week & check on when.  We’ll switch Eden for Crystal on the account at the time, and update the Combo lock code etc. 
-Will need to do a full inventory as part of the Baronial Changeover. 

  • A&S – Aeron (6/21)  – re A&S championship this fall.  He is Suggesting sticking to the Old Arts & Sciences Championships Process, vs the new one we’d been talking about for 2020, for the sake of simplicity for the Artisans.
                    Old system: show at least 2 pieces, formal presentation judged via pre-established judging forms, scores presented to B&B to select a champion  
                    New system that had been proposed: more Athenaeumn like – just put your stuff out on a table, be prepared to chat about it & the B&B just pick someone.
  • Chatelaine – Tabytha (10/22) Lots of new folks at Rogue Tavern, yay!!!  Got to explain how tourneys work, fighting safety & general description of the SCA fighting process as part of her Sergeantry Trial. Lots of contact info shared to help them find shared interests. 
  • Chamberlain – Steven (???)  Equipment sent to Tavern, & was returned. 
  • Herald – Simon (11/21)
    -had 1st in person court in 2 years!!!
    -Tabby’s name & heraldry was passed. 
  • Armored Combat – Nicklaus (9/22)
    -There was a Positive covid report from 4/18 practice so cancelled last Monday 4/25 just to be safe. (Attendee was masked the entire time – thank you!) 
    -There were 5 armored combatants at Tavern event.
  • Rapier Marshal – Temetgen (6/22) 
    -11 rapier fighters at Tavern (8 vying for championship)   
    -lots of rapier attendees at Kapka
  • Scribe – Magdelena (To end of Baronial tenure) – is looking to step down.  We need a new scribe!  Will need to renew supplies for the new Scribe $$
  • Social Media – Basilius (6/22)  4 new people added to our Facebook group this month.
  • Webster – Rowena (11/25) – updated forms on website
  • Chronicler – Eden (3/24) reactivating the Leaf as primarily a newcomers piece, available both online & in paper format at Fighter Practices (and anywhere else requested)

Sergeantry – Emma & Basilus
– Emma & Basilius are now co-captains.
-We have 4 candidates midway through testing process.
               should be done before B&B step down
Canton of Porte de L’Eau – Margaret

  • Upcoming event: “Picnic in the Park with Sven (No, not that Sven)”

July 23rd at Spiritridge park

Bring your picnic blankets and croquet sets for a day of fun and games!

Guilds and activities

  • Culinary Guild – Tristin –
    -Between no good date, limited staff & potential autocrat out of town, the guild does not feel that Peasants Revel is realistic this year.  Request that any alternative Baronial picnic be at another Park so that nobody gets confused.
    -Still doing regular zoom meetings
  • Dance – Ranulf
    – dance is ongoing,
    -Trying to start up a regional dance w/Wyewood.  First one this Saturday 4/30. 
  • Equestrian – Annisa – trying to get dates to start practices back up.

Past Event Reports:

April 16, 2022- Tavern – Raphael and Kit

  • Post event report –  57 people through gate.  Still sorting totals, but made a happy profit.   People had fun. Yay Kit for folding in Lionhearts.  Thank you’s to ALL the MANY volunteers who helped make the event happen!!!!

Upcoming Events – As stated above, always check before heading out for any cancellations/changes

May 16, 2002 – Baronial Social Garb and Fabric Swap – Hosts: Margaret and Tabby
    The garb & stuff “swap” at 12night was SO successful, they want to try doing it again locally at a Social Night.  Not actually a swap so much as a giving free for all.  Tabby will also be available to talk with people about how to alter pieces to fit better etc.  Margaret has a bunch of stuff culled from Gold Key to share for new folks. 
Concern about how much stuff people have to donate & how much was leftover after the last time we did this as a Baronial Social, (although this was not a problem at 12th night) so we discuss doing a small one to start and maybe a second Swap later in the summer outdoors to handle ALL the potential bins of garb & fabric.  If you have more than a few pieces to share PLEASE contact Tabby or Margaret in advance!

July 9, 2002 – Athenaeum (in person) – Aeron

  • Proposing switching sites –The limited artisan spaces we initially offered were filled up within 2 days – has a huge waiting list.  Huge attendance at Kingdom A&S makes it look like lots of folks will want to attend.  Her majesty would like to hold a larger Royal Court at the event.  The Baronial Changeover will likely draw a high attendance.  All of this makes using a larger venue make more sense.
    He spoke with Lake WA High School (2019 site) which is available.  They remembered and liked us from last time.  Approx. same price as current budget.  Would have room for a much higher attendance, etc. 
    Also reached out to Scottish Rite – they are OK to re-schedule to some future date.  We need to do something nice to acknowledge them being SO flexible with us..
    General Approval of this Change.  Will need updated Crier Copy in ASAP
  • Has a gate head – Margaret

August 2022 – Emprise – Gera
Ponies, Fighting, Arts & Sciences championship!
Gate Head & MIC in place.  Will need gate volunteers

Needs someone to Wrangle Cabin Rservations.
 Much more laid back than previous years. 
QUESTION: if Archery Fest date frees up mid September would we want to switch dates?  Concerns re changing ANOTHER schedule thing, also weather/smoke. No support for idea.

Fall Event TBD? – Oct 29
We agree to release the date, leaving Emprise as the last item on our calendar for the year.   Think about what events we should do in 2023 – what are we up for?